Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding

spring colours

Venue: The monastery church on the island Frauenchiemsee was built in the 11th century and is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Chiemgau. Through the centuries it hosted the order of the Benedictines up to the present day. What an idyllic place for a wedding.

Transportation and reception: The trip to the church and to the reception venue is done for the couple and their guests by ship. The place for the reception is the garden of the Yachthotel Chiemsee, which is wonderful for a spring wedding in May. Since the evenings are still cool in spring, dinner will be served in the lake-pavilion, which gives a garden feeling through the big glass front. For the evening party there will be a small parquet dance floor designed in the pavilion.

Wedding attire: The spring colours can show in the bride’s attire as green and pink shoes and in the groom’s attire as a spring boutonniere. If the bride does not prefer a white dress, a green or pink dress fits the spring theme perfectly.
There are many possibilities for the bridal’s bouquet fitting the spring theme, fresh flowers or papers flowers; both are gorgeous in green and pink.

Food, beverage and wedding cake: Asparagus is spring’s most popular vegetable and is best straight from the field to the table: asparagus soup, fresh asparagus with ham, potatoes and butter or hollandaise sauce are just some examples. Rhubarb is another spring’s favourite and is good for desserts like rhubarb dessert with vanilla sauce. A buffet with asparagus, rhubarb and many more delicacies is set up for the wedding party.
For the reception toast is rosè champagne served and pink lemonade.
The wedding cake shows the spring colours green and pink and there are also many green cupcakes and cake-pops with little pink flowers to fit the theme.

Decor: Flowers, flowers, flowers in green and pink, and lampignons.

Music and entertainment: During coffee-time plays some easy spring-theme classical music like Pastorale by Ludwig van Beethoven, the four seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and Robert Schumann’s spring symphony.
In the evening, after dinner, is danceable music offered by a DJ or a band.


Text by Ute Kehrs
Pictures found on http://pinterest.com/modernwedding, http://www.terani.co.uk and http://cakecentral.com
For more images visit http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-spring-ute/

Sex and The City Wedding

Sex and The City Wedding

sex and the city girls

The bride is a big fan of Sex and the City and that’s why she wants to have exactly the same kind of wedding that Carrie and John (almost) had.


The wedding takes place in the New York City.  Wedding reception takes place in Buddakan, 75 9th Avenue and West 16th Street, Manhattan and Wedding ceremony in New York Public Library, 5th Avenue Manhattan.

Wedding ceremony is in New York Public Library which is spacious and classical. There are many beautiful elements in the Library but it’s not common place to get married.

Buddakan, where the wedding reception is held, is Asian styled restaurant in New York. Restaurant is quite modern and there is a lot of space to organize big events.

New York library  New York library  New York library  Buddakan

Wedding attire

The bride is wearing the same kind of white wedding dress that Carrie was wearing in the Sex and the City movie. The dress is designed by Vera Wang and it is enormous creation that has many layers of tulle. The bride has a blue wedding head piece made of feathers.

The groom is wearing an elegant black suit and a white tie, similar as John has.

Carrie's wedding shoes Groom's suit as Mr. Big's Carrie's wedding dress


Food in Buddakan is Modern Asian Cuisine. There are many types of spicy food because the bride and groom love it but also milder versions for guests who don’t like too spicy food.  The starters are Beef lettuce cups and Spring rolls, main courses are dishes of meat and fish and vegetable cocktails. For dessert there are many types of chocolate and fruits, There is also a wedding cake.

Asian food Buddakan Asian food

Beverage and wedding cake

Wedding cake is big, layered and it has lots of details. The colour is white. There are pearls and some other shiny and posh decoration on the cake. From inside the cake is basic strawberry filled cream cake. For starters there’s champagne and with food there is white or red wine. With cake there is coffee or tea and brandy. And for children there is juice or lemonade.

Wedding cake

Floral décor

Flowers used in wedding decoration are roses; pink, light pink and white. Flower ornaments on the tables are small but on the floors there are bigger flower plantings.

Music and entertainment

First dance of the married couple is I will always love you by Whitney Houston. After few slow love songs the music turns to jazz and other fancy and sophisticated music. There is a band playing.



There is a limousine and the driver for the couple. Driver takes them from the ceremony to the reception. On the way to the wedding reception in Buddakan couple can enjoy champagne and fresh strawberries. Guests are supposed to transfer from place to place by own methods of transportation.


Text by Jasmin Riikonen and Heli Salmi

For more pictures please go to: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-sex-and-the-city-jasmin-heli/

The White Wedding

The White Wedding

The ideal venue (church, castle, beach etc.)

The wedding takes place in Beach Resort Caribbean, luxury hotel Viceroy Anguilla. Hotel’s style is modern and sophisticated and it is located right on the beach surrounded with beautiful nature. The venue is perfect for fine weddings and also for the honeymoon. They can plan and arrange the wedding from catering to the programme and entertainment there in Viceroy Anguilla.

Viceroy terraceViceroy pool areaBeach Viceroy apartment

Wedding attire for the bride and groom

The bride’s dress is antique Greek style, light and Aphrodite-like. The colour is off-white and the shoes are same colour and either delicate sandals with ornamental stones or petite pumps with glitter dust on them. Groom’s suit is combination of beige straight pants and off-white shirt. Bride’s hairdo is loose curls with some of the hair putted up with pins and white flower above the ear. The makeup is natural and the jewellery is light and not too sparky.

Suit Wedding Dress Wedding shoes Hairdo  


Food at the wedding is a la carte in other words fine small dishes, mainly barbequed fish and vegetables. Something fresh and healthy served with white wine. The table decoration is sophisticated but beach-like. Use of white shows in tablecloths, napkins and other decoration on tables.

Wedding food Wedding food

Beverage and wedding cakes

For starters there is sparkling wine with fresh fruits. With food there is white wine, fresh juice or water. And with the cake there is coffee or tea and brandy. The wedding cake is white and decorated beach style; delicate flowers, some small shells, golden dust like sand etc.

Wedding cake

The floral décor

Flowers used in decoration are white and off-white. The flowers vary from roses to lilies and some other smaller flowers. Flowers are used in many places; in the altar, on the tables and chairs etc.

flower decoration flower decoration flower decoration flower decoration

Music and entertainment

Entertainment is mainly music and speeches from newlyweds, friends and family. Music is sophisticated; jazz or something else easy-going. There is a band playing and some friends are performing songs by paying instruments or singing.


Transportation to and from the ceremony to the reception

The wedding ceremony and the reception are both held in the same place, in Viceroy Anguilla. Guests are expected to come there by airplane by their own expense. The married couple can also stay there for their honeymoon.

Text by Jasmin Riikonen 

For more pictures please go to: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-white-wedding-jasmin-heli/

40’s Cuba Wedding

40’s Cuba Wedding

The venue

For this theme, we have chosen the ceremony will take place in the oldest church in La Habana, Iglesia del Espiruto Santo located at the La Habana Vieja. La Habana Vieja is the old district at the capital of Cuba. We will see and feel the old culture of the real Cuba, forgetting the new resorts for the tourism.

This church is one of the coziest churches on the island, this will make to feel closer the couple and the guest.

And for the celebration we chose the back garden of the National Hotel of Cuba. This garden is oriented to the Caribbean Sea and to the old town of La Habana, remindeding us the old times of our theme.

The venue 1 Venue 2 Venue 3

Wedding attire for the bride and groom

The bride will wear a white dress with the bouquet we comment later on floral decoration. On the other hand the groom will wear a deep beige suite with white shirt.

And the dress code for the guest will be colorful for the dresses of the women and light suites for the men. Also it will be allowed pamela hat for the women and hats for the men.

Dress 1

Food and beverage

The Cuban cuisine is a big mix between Spanish and African cuisine with spiced with Caribbean spices, creating awesome and exotic meals.


Piña sorpresa

First course:

Cuban Salad

Second course:

Papas rellenas




Cuban Floating Islands


Wedding cake

Food 1 Food 2 Food 3 Food 4

Floral decoration

The floral decoration must be colorful and with some characteristics which remind to the guest the 40’s in Cuba.

Taking this into account, we chose the white gardenias for wedding bouquet. These flowers are originally from China, but they were taken around the world like the love flowers, but in Cuba thanks to the song of Fernando Albuerne “Dos gardenias para tí” and after sang for Antonio Machín, gave to these flowers the meanings of love for the society of this period.

Bouquet 1 Flowers 1

Music and entertainment

One of the most important for the celebrations is the music, and any music is better to represent Cuba, love, and wedding than Boleros.

The boleros are originally from Cuba, during the first half of the last century were the most famous music in Cuba and all the countries with relationship between their populations.


The Cuban citizens are very rooted to the old cars, this make easier to find “the” car. We decided that the best car for the transporting for the groom and the bride is Moskovitch 400.

This car was a famous during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Thanks for the relationship between URSS and Cuba after the Revolution in 1959 this car is easy to find it for rent it.

Transportation 1

Text by Miguel Angel Lozano, Coralie Maysounabe, Coline Dheyriat
For more images visit http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/40-s-cuban-wedding/
Autumn Wedding

Autumn Wedding

Fall is a great time of year to have a wedding. The temperature is great, venues and photographers will be easier to book and the season offers a natural beauty that can only be created by our one and only Mother Nature.

 The venue

There are a lot of amazing place to do a beautiful wedding with the autumn theme.

One of the ideal venues is in a castle during the period of mid-September to late October. This castle is located in Blantyre in Lenox, Massachusetts.

This country property, comprised of a main house, a carriage house, and four cottages, feels like something straight out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel—all 22 guest bedrooms are uniquely decorated with cosy details like overstuffed chairs, fresh flowers, fireplaces, and four-post beds. It’s also a great place to do a hot-air balloon ride over the mountains. Hold a wedding on the property’s lawn, where the ivy along the side of the Main House turns a vivid scarlet during the fall.

wedding place castle blantyre in lenox          wedding ceremony           wedding place for photos

  Wedding attire for the bride and groom

When choosing a wedding dress for the fall season, it is always essential to choose colours or styles that best incorporate the season. A dress that flows naturally or provides a great accent of golden tones; or a simple sash is the best way to go. Also colours such as purple, light pink, champagne and ivory are great compliments for a bride on her special day, which creates a feeling of warmth that is often associated with autumn.

Concerning the groom, he will wear a black suit with a white shirt and tie or off-white. In addition he will have an orange boutonniere.

Flower girls can carry furry hand muffs with coordinating ribbons that match the bride’s bouquet.

Wedding Dress         wedding attire        maid of honor        fall-wedding-boquet

 Food and beverage

There are a lot of great menu for an autumn wedding. For our concept we have chosen this menu:

First course:

Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Cilantro Crème Fraiche


Second course:

Petite Hearts of Romaine with Shaved Parmigiano,

Toasted Focaccia Croutons and Zesty Citrus Dressing


Cabernet Filet Mignon

With Truffled Potatoes and California Baby Vegetables


Grilled Salmon over Lemon Dill

With Wilted Spinach and Tomato Coulis


Quinoa with Tempeh over Roasted Asparagus


Wedding Cake

Moreover, it will have some side dish and cocktails like:

–          Caramel Apples

Treat guests to the quintessential fall indulgence — caramel apples.

–          Soy Candles

Soy candles in shades of burnt orange, yellow, or brown. It’s possible to double as place cards, or pack it into pretty boxes that match the colour palette.

–          Autumnal-Shaped Chocolates

Chocolate is always a favourite favour so consider chocolates in the shapes of maple leaves and acorns. It’s nice to display them in individual boxes at each place setting or on trays near the dessert table.

–          Mini Maple Syrup Bottles

Few things represent the fall season better than maple syrup. An idea is to give mini maple syrup bottles to the guests as a sweet thank-you.

–          Apple Cider Mix

Packets of apple cider mix are perfect for welcome baskets and reception favors alike.

–          Hunter’s Cocktail

–          Fresh Candied Pecans

–          Warm pecans coated in brown sugar can satisfied the guest.

About the wedding cake, it will be white with autumn flowers decorated on the cake.

fall-wedding-cake          apple-cider-mix         fall-wedding food         fall-wedding-cake

  Floral decoration

In autumn there are  a lot of flowers like Acashia, Allium, Alstromeria, Amaranthus, Anemone, Baby’s Breath, Bittersweet, Carnation, China berry, Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb, Cosmos, Echinops, Freesia, Gerbera Daisy, Gladiolus, Hypericum, Iris, Juniper, Kangaroo paw, Kalancheo, Liatrus, Lily, Asiatic, Lily, Gloriosa, Misty Blue, Orchid, Pepper berry, Protea, Queen Ann’s Lace, Quince, Rover, Roses, Rowen berry, Salvia, Solidago, Statice, Star of Bethlehem, Sunflower, Yarrow, Zinnia.

That’s why we have a lot of opportunies for the floral decoration. For example, the Wedding centrepiece can be constituted by cymbidium orchids, nigella, scabiosa, artichokes, rosemary, croc fern, myrtle, bush ivy, and Japanese plum by Blossom and Branch.

Another possibility for the wedding centrepiece is constituted by heirloom pumpkins, poppy pods, scabiosa pods, lisianthuses, succulents, dusty miller, broomcorn, reindeer moss, and amaranthus by Love ‘n Fresh Flowers.

Wedding decoration          wedding centerpiece         floral decoration           wedding centerpiece

 Music and entertainment

About the music, it will have some famous song related to the autumn theme like :

–           Harvest Moon – Neil Young

–           Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo

–          September – Earth Wind & Fire-

–          Try to Remember – from The Fantastiks

–          Autumn Leaves – Frank Sinatra

Morever, a violonist will play some romantics songs!

Then, to encourage guests to dance, we will assign each table a love song, when the violonist plays that song that table should get up to dance. They will aslo try to caricaturist to do caricatures of their guests.


For the transportation we have chosen  a 1955 Bentley S1 Wedding Limousine. It’s an original and romantic way of transport and it’s related with the epoque of the castle where takes place the wedding.


Written by Coline Dheyriat, Miguel Angel Lozano, Coralie Maysounabe

For more images visit http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-autumn-coralie-coline-miguel/

Middleage-inspired Wedding

Middleage-inspired Wedding

middleage colours

Venue: Burg Colmberg is an all-in-one solution. The castle offers a chapel, the reception venue as well as accommodation for the couple and their guests.  Everything can be easily reached on foot and is even in the same building. Therefore no further transportation will be necessary.

Wedding attire: The bride wears a beautiful medieval dress; the groom can choose between a classic suit and an also more medieval attire.

Food, beverage and wedding cake: Franconian delicacies and venison from the hunt are the specialities of Burg Colmberg and these are good basics for a medieval buffet. But the kitchen leaves no wish unfulfilled, vegetarian and fish is also possible to offer, without destroying the medieval theme.
A real medieval drink is of course met, a honey wine, but this is not everyone’s taste, so the more usual alternatives have to be offered as well, like wine, beer and non-alcoholics.
The wedding cake takes up the medieval theme as well as the chosen colours.

Decor: The castle itself is the medieval decoration; with suits of armor, old furniture and thick walls it does not need any extra decoration.

Music and entertainment: Medieval music and performances by fire-eaters, dancers and a jester provide the right ambiance.

middleage_colmberg_1   middleage_colmberg_3   middleage_colmberg_2

Text by Ute Kehrs
Pictures found on http://www.burg-colmberg.de
For more images visit http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-middleage-ute/

Dirty Dancing Wedding

Dirty Dancing Wedding

We have choice “Dirty Dancing” for us because it is a very romantic movie with an sexy actor, steamy dance moves, very good music and of course lot of love.

The venue

It is very interesting to choice a real place of the movie to celebrate a wedding with the theme “Dirty Dancing”, this is why the wedding will take place in Southwest Virginia, in the Mountain Lake Conservancy. You can find a beautiful landscape with mountains, lakes, but also country club, lake house…

We have choice the Mountain Lake Lodge for our wedding. This place enables the couple to do a rustic wedding as in the 50’s with originality. What is more, at this place you can do everything, and what do you want: religious ceremony close to the lake, serve the meal in the garden, dance in beautiful room, enjoy to the hotel and very comfortable suits for all guests.

Venue Dirty Dancing 1                                  Venue Dirty Dancing 2                            Venue Dirty Dancing 3

Wedding attire for bride and groom

For the bride, the look will be very natural and soft. The dress will be short with a tight bodice and a full skirt and the colour pale pink. The bride will doesn’t need to much jewellery and just a soft make-up and nail. She will wear her hair curly and loose. To finish, she will put silver sandals.

The groom will wear a black suit with a pink flower on his pocket and a white shirt.

For the bridesmaids, we choice a coral dress.

Dress Dirty Dancing 1                                      Dress Dirty Dancing 2                                            Groom suit Dirty Dancing

Food and beverage

We will serve watermelon cocktail as in the “I carried a watermelon” scene. For the starter, we choice smoked salmon rillets with herb crouton, avocado and lime salsa. To follow, Breaded Pork Escalope with linguini, tomato and basil sauce or Roast Breast of Chicken with sauteed potatoes, broad beans and chorizo and to finish, we will serve a pale pink wedding cake.

   cocktail dirty dancing             Starter dirty dancing          Cake wedding dirrty dancing 2               Cake wedding dirty dancing 1

Floral decoration

The decoration should be soft with lot of pale colours. We have choice bouquets of pale pink rose for the tables and we want to put like greenery for the room. The bouquets of the bridal will be pink.

 SONY DSC  Flowers dirty dancing  Bridal bouquet dirty dancing 2

Music and entertainment

Of course we choice music from the movie. To open the dance-floor, the couple will dance “I’ve had the time of my life”, and then all the guests will dance together on “Hungry eyes”. Dance is very important in the movie, so we have decided to hire a couple of professional dancers of cha-cha for the entertainment during the meal.

For the night, a DJ will do the music with a special playlist of music from the 50’s and 60’s. The guests can dress as the characters from the movie.

dance dirty dancing


To finish, for the transportation the couple will arrive in a black Chevrolet as in the movie on which we will put decorations like flowers.

transportation dirty dancing

Text by Coralie Maysounabe, Miguel Angel Lozano, Coline Dheyriat
For more images visit http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/dirty-dancing-theme-coralie-coline-miguel/