Archipelago-inspired Wedding

Archipelago-inspired Wedding


Venue: Borgå cathedral is the romantic church for the wedding. After the ceremony, a five-minutes-walk on the cobblestone street through the old town brings the wedding party down to the riverbank, where the ship is waiting.

Transportation and reception: An Archipelago-cruise with the J.L.Runeberg fits perfectly for the theme, coffee and cake is served on the ship. The ship brings the couple and all the guests to the reception venue. The somewhat finer version is the Haikko Manor in Borgå and the more original version is Böistö near Lovisa. Both offer accommodation for the wedding party.

Wedding attire: The colours of the Archipelago theme show in the bride’s and groom’s attire. It could be just a blue sash or a tie, but it can also be a complete blue dress or suit.

Food, beverage and wedding cake: The most important elements for a typical archipelago meal are different kinds of fish, potatoes and several salads; the possibilities are endless, and anything is possible from homemade-style food to really fancy food.
The wedding cake shows also the colours and patterns of the Archipelago theme.

Decor: The invitations can be sent in a bottle or as a classic map. Small sailing boats can be used as name tags and driftwood and sand are also wonderful elements in maritime decoration. A treasure box can be set up for storing the greeting cards.
A maritime theme offers many possibilities of nautical symbols such as the compass or sailor’s knots.

Music and entertainment: Typical archipelago music is accordion music and seaman songs; these can be presented as an entertainment show for the wedding party.
In the evening, after dinner, is danceable music offered by a DJ or a band.

archipelago_tabledeco archipelago_dress archipelago_bouquet archipelago_cake

Text by Ute Kehrs
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