Wedding Theme: Disney Princess

Wedding Theme: Disney Princess

This wedding theme is made for brides who want to be real princesses on their wedding day. The wedding is inspired by Disney princess movies. The wedding is held on summer and both ceremony and reception is held in a castle. The ceremony is held on the yard depending on weather and the reception is inside the castle. The colors of pastel pink, white, gold and silver are used in the whole picture of the wedding. The bride will arrive to the venue with white horse drawn carriage- pumpkin shape style.

Examples: Majvik – Jugendlinna, Tjöholms slott – Sweden, Imatran Valtionhotelli

peony bouquet            pink drinks            decor idea

The bride wears a ball gown dress and the color is white or ivory. The accessories will include colors of pink and gold. The bride will wear tiara, diamond jewelries and pink diamond shoes. The hair will be open and curly or up with bun. The bouquet is made of pastel pink and white peonies and roses with diamond details. The bridesmaids will wear dresses themed by Disney princess movies, for example Snow white or Belle. Their bouquets are made of the same flowers as bride’s but in smaller size.  Their hair will be up and curly. The groom will wear classic black or white tailcoat with white and silver details. The outfit includes peony corsage, tie and fine black leather shoes.

white princess dress          style          grooms style

The ceiling of the reception area is covered with white fabric which drops down smoothly. There will be many chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The tables will be round and chairs covered with fine fabric and bows. The centerpiece is made of the same flowers as bouquets and there will be petals, gold and diamonds too.  The wedding couple has majestic chairs and own area. The food will be served in tables. The appetizer will be a mix of cocktail pieces, the main course is French style steak and dessert a princess or castle style cake. The cake will include lots of details: ruffles, lace, diamonds, roses and sparkle. On the top of the cake there will be golden figure based on Disney theme.

carriage    cake   decoration

The entertainment is based on music, there will be a small band playing jazz and later a famous DJ. The bridesmaids have made a princess theme show.  Finally there will be a big, great fire work show in the end. The guests will arrive to the venue with their own cars. No transportation is needed because everything happens in the same place.  The castle is playing a major role in this wedding theme.

Text By: Senja Korhonen & Johanna Nivakoski



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