Wedding Theme: Industrialization

Wedding Theme: Industrialization

This wedding is inspired by industrialization and there will be modern and industrial elements combined. The wedding is held on fall but other seasons work as well too. The ceremony and reception will be held in an old factory which will bring the feel of industrialization. Ceremony and reception will be in different spaces. In the ceremony room there will be steel chairs and gazebo made of steel as decoration. There will be used a lot of steel, wood, glass, candles and old battered objects in the decoration too. The theme color shades used are white, gray, silver, brown and black.
Options: Veturitallit Jyväskylä, Färgfabriken Stockholm, Tenalji von Fersen Susisaari, Helsinki Contemporary, Taidetehdas Porvoo
emerald            vintage            black horse carriage
The bride will wear light, pale silver wedding dress with white fur stole. The outfit includes also silver and emerald diamond jewelries. The hair will be up and messy and the makeup smoky. Bridesmaids will wear emerald colored cocktail dresses, with wavy wet look hair.  The bride’s bouquet will be made of jewelries and bridesmaids from dark bacarra roses. The groom will wear dark gray or black tailcoat or velvet jacket, dark trousers, black leather shoes and top hat. The outfit includes lots of details.       

groom's style             silver wedding dress            look

The food in the wedding will be served from industrial plates. There will be a rich appetizer table with classical finger food and the main course is served to the table. The main course is black octopus risotto with lobster and greens and it can be made into vegetarian also. There will be a gradient ruffle wedding cake but for guests are served individual mini cakes which follow the same style as the original wedding cake. The cakes will be white gray.  There will be both white and red wine with appetizers and main course. In addition there will be special beers, ciders etc. in separate drink table. Champagne will be served in the beginning and with dessert. 
decor            factory decor       black roses
There will be a group playing cello and violin and in some points singers will join. Maybe couples favorite songs from a different angle.  In the evening there will be an amazing fire show.  The guests will arrive to the venue by themselves and no transportation is needed because everything happens in one place. The bride arrives there by old stylish horse brougham and black horses.
Text By: Johanna Nivakoski & Senja Korhonen

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