Yellow-inspired Wedding

Yellow-inspired Wedding


Venue: The church for the yellow summer wedding is the romantic church in Pernå, situated between Lovisa and Borgå.

Transportation and reception: A New York Cab fits perfectly to the yellow theme and brings the couple after the ceremony in around half an hour to Kiala Manor, followed by their guests in a car convoy. There is either a tented wedding reception prepared or the Assembly Room is ready for the festivities.

Wedding attire: The yellow colour shows in the bride’s and groom’s attire. It could be a traditional white dress for the bride and just yellow shoes, necklace and bouquet, but it can also be a complete yellow bridal dress. For the groom it could be a yellow bow tie, boutonniere and socks. If the theme should even show in the bride’s wedding ring, yellow sapphire is the stone for that.

Decor and wedding cake: In decoration is the yellow theme represented by yellow callas, roses, daisies, sunflowers and/or lemons, star fruits, quinces or a combination of some or all of these. The wedding cake fits to the chosen decoration; it contains the same flowers and/or fruits.

Food and beverage: A summer barbecue buffet is set up at Kiala Manor. Delicious specialties fresh from the grill can be enjoyed with delicious side dishes, like vegetables and salads.

The yellow signature cocktail is a homage to the couple’s wedding theme and there is a spiked as well as a virgin version. It contains lime juice and pineapple juice, the spiked version contains also Midori and white rum, both are garnished with a slice of star fruit.

Music and entertainment: During the afternoon is classical and light music played by a pianist as background music. In the evening he is joined by a guitarist and a bassist and the trio plays danceable music for the wedding party.

yellow_bride   yellow_ boutonniere   yellow_cake   yellow_tent   yellow_dress

Text by Ute Kehrs
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