Green Wedding

Green Wedding

1.1          The venue

For this green wedding, we have chosen  Zion National Park in Southern Utah. It’s a place with serenity and the red rock canyon walls, the Virgin River cutting through it all. The park and lively neighboring town, Springdale, would be able to provide a myriad of activities for their guests to take advantage of  this wonderful area.  The area already had a free public shuttle, so no one would need to drive once they arrived. Additionally, most of their family and friends had never been to the park and hoped to extend their stay to enjoy all that the park offered.



1.2           Wedding attire for the bride and groom

The bride’s dress will be an ivory colour and flower bouquet will be composed of elements of green.

The groom will wear a black suit with an ivory shirt and a green tie. In addition he will have a green boutonniere.

Maid of honor will wear a green dress according to the colour of the bride’s bouquet.


1.3          Food and beverage

Concerning the food it’s good to choose a vegetarian or vegan menu or menus where vegetables are the main feature with a small amount of protein.

Moreover, they will have a plated meal because buffets produce a lot of food-waste. The food will be prepared and served based on the actual number of guests.

For the beverage, it will have an organic wine bar.

Furthermore, the wedding cake will be green and white with some chocolate on the cake?


1.4          Floral decoration

We will compose our flower decoration with antherium, button-mum, green brasillia, green dianthus, green hyrangea, green mink protea, green ranunculus, hypercomb, ring of pearls, super green rose, and spider mum and dendrobium orchid.

Moreover for an ecological wedding, the decoration will be making with recyclable paper, bottle, plastic glasses and plate which will be paint.


1.5          Music and entertainment

A sommelier can educate the guests on organic wines from various regions.

Concerning the music, it will have a lot of popular music and local music from different regions. The group of music Slippery Hill Boys will play a lot of song. A foot-stomping mix of bluegrass and classic American music from a home grown Staffordshire band, guaranteed to get everyone involved.


1.6          Transportation

For this wedding we need an ecological transport that’s why we have chosen to use horse-drawn carriage (calèche) because it’s an ecological and romantic way of transport.



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