Middleage-inspired Wedding

Middleage-inspired Wedding

middleage colours

Venue: Burg Colmberg is an all-in-one solution. The castle offers a chapel, the reception venue as well as accommodation for the couple and their guests.  Everything can be easily reached on foot and is even in the same building. Therefore no further transportation will be necessary.

Wedding attire: The bride wears a beautiful medieval dress; the groom can choose between a classic suit and an also more medieval attire.

Food, beverage and wedding cake: Franconian delicacies and venison from the hunt are the specialities of Burg Colmberg and these are good basics for a medieval buffet. But the kitchen leaves no wish unfulfilled, vegetarian and fish is also possible to offer, without destroying the medieval theme.
A real medieval drink is of course met, a honey wine, but this is not everyone’s taste, so the more usual alternatives have to be offered as well, like wine, beer and non-alcoholics.
The wedding cake takes up the medieval theme as well as the chosen colours.

Decor: The castle itself is the medieval decoration; with suits of armor, old furniture and thick walls it does not need any extra decoration.

Music and entertainment: Medieval music and performances by fire-eaters, dancers and a jester provide the right ambiance.

middleage_colmberg_1   middleage_colmberg_3   middleage_colmberg_2

Text by Ute Kehrs
Pictures found on http://www.burg-colmberg.de
For more images visit http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-middleage-ute/


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