Sex and The City Wedding

Sex and The City Wedding

sex and the city girls

The bride is a big fan of Sex and the City and that’s why she wants to have exactly the same kind of wedding that Carrie and John (almost) had.


The wedding takes place in the New York City.  Wedding reception takes place in Buddakan, 75 9th Avenue and West 16th Street, Manhattan and Wedding ceremony in New York Public Library, 5th Avenue Manhattan.

Wedding ceremony is in New York Public Library which is spacious and classical. There are many beautiful elements in the Library but it’s not common place to get married.

Buddakan, where the wedding reception is held, is Asian styled restaurant in New York. Restaurant is quite modern and there is a lot of space to organize big events.

New York library  New York library  New York library  Buddakan

Wedding attire

The bride is wearing the same kind of white wedding dress that Carrie was wearing in the Sex and the City movie. The dress is designed by Vera Wang and it is enormous creation that has many layers of tulle. The bride has a blue wedding head piece made of feathers.

The groom is wearing an elegant black suit and a white tie, similar as John has.

Carrie's wedding shoes Groom's suit as Mr. Big's Carrie's wedding dress


Food in Buddakan is Modern Asian Cuisine. There are many types of spicy food because the bride and groom love it but also milder versions for guests who don’t like too spicy food.  The starters are Beef lettuce cups and Spring rolls, main courses are dishes of meat and fish and vegetable cocktails. For dessert there are many types of chocolate and fruits, There is also a wedding cake.

Asian food Buddakan Asian food

Beverage and wedding cake

Wedding cake is big, layered and it has lots of details. The colour is white. There are pearls and some other shiny and posh decoration on the cake. From inside the cake is basic strawberry filled cream cake. For starters there’s champagne and with food there is white or red wine. With cake there is coffee or tea and brandy. And for children there is juice or lemonade.

Wedding cake

Floral décor

Flowers used in wedding decoration are roses; pink, light pink and white. Flower ornaments on the tables are small but on the floors there are bigger flower plantings.

Music and entertainment

First dance of the married couple is I will always love you by Whitney Houston. After few slow love songs the music turns to jazz and other fancy and sophisticated music. There is a band playing.



There is a limousine and the driver for the couple. Driver takes them from the ceremony to the reception. On the way to the wedding reception in Buddakan couple can enjoy champagne and fresh strawberries. Guests are supposed to transfer from place to place by own methods of transportation.


Text by Jasmin Riikonen and Heli Salmi

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