Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding

spring colours

Venue: The monastery church on the island Frauenchiemsee was built in the 11th century and is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Chiemgau. Through the centuries it hosted the order of the Benedictines up to the present day. What an idyllic place for a wedding.

Transportation and reception: The trip to the church and to the reception venue is done for the couple and their guests by ship. The place for the reception is the garden of the Yachthotel Chiemsee, which is wonderful for a spring wedding in May. Since the evenings are still cool in spring, dinner will be served in the lake-pavilion, which gives a garden feeling through the big glass front. For the evening party there will be a small parquet dance floor designed in the pavilion.

Wedding attire: The spring colours can show in the bride’s attire as green and pink shoes and in the groom’s attire as a spring boutonniere. If the bride does not prefer a white dress, a green or pink dress fits the spring theme perfectly.
There are many possibilities for the bridal’s bouquet fitting the spring theme, fresh flowers or papers flowers; both are gorgeous in green and pink.

Food, beverage and wedding cake: Asparagus is spring’s most popular vegetable and is best straight from the field to the table: asparagus soup, fresh asparagus with ham, potatoes and butter or hollandaise sauce are just some examples. Rhubarb is another spring’s favourite and is good for desserts like rhubarb dessert with vanilla sauce. A buffet with asparagus, rhubarb and many more delicacies is set up for the wedding party.
For the reception toast is rosè champagne served and pink lemonade.
The wedding cake shows the spring colours green and pink and there are also many green cupcakes and cake-pops with little pink flowers to fit the theme.

Decor: Flowers, flowers, flowers in green and pink, and lampignons.

Music and entertainment: During coffee-time plays some easy spring-theme classical music like Pastorale by Ludwig van Beethoven, the four seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and Robert Schumann’s spring symphony.
In the evening, after dinner, is danceable music offered by a DJ or a band.


Text by Ute Kehrs
Pictures found on http://pinterest.com/modernwedding, http://www.terani.co.uk and http://cakecentral.com
For more images visit http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-spring-ute/


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