Movie Review: Made of Honor

Movie Review: Made of Honor

 Made of Honor (2008) tells the story of Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) who met each other in college and became best friends instantly.  They are similar in many levels except one: Hannah believes in true love while Tom is a real ladies man. After ten years of friendship with Tom, Hannah finally meets the one, a Scotchman called Colin (Kevin McKidd) and they get engaged. When Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honor Tom realizes that he has feelings for her and agrees to the job with one goal in his mind: to win Hannah back.

Made of Honor is great for both wedding planners and brides to be, since the movie goes through all the steps included in wedding planning: from the proposal to bridal shower to selecting the wedding china and finally to the actual wedding ceremony. As a tip I recommend the brides to watch the film with their fiancées to show them that also men can be involved in the wedding planning process: maybe your fiancé will get as inspired as Tom and you can just sit back and relax while he takes care of the wedding arrangements.

made of honor

All together Made of Honor is quite typical romantic comedy and does not surprise the viewer that much. The plot has been seen before in the wedding movie department and the only new twist is the fact that the man trying to win the love of his life back is the maid of honor. The cast does a decent job but again, none of the actors brings anything new to their usual repertoire of acting roles. For example Patrick Dempsey’s character of Tom resembles a lot of his role of Derek from Grey’s Anatomy the television series.

For others than wedding maniacs, Made of Honor offers the beautiful scenery of Scotland Highlands where Hannah’s and Colin’s wedding is taking place. The venue of lakes and castles is stunning and one might start to plan your next holiday to Scotland while watching the movie. In addition, the Scottish wedding traditions introduced in the movie are a nice touch and might give pointers for those planning a wedding or a hen night.

Still, Made of Honor makes you laugh and for fans of romantic comedies, it is on the have to see -list. For us single girls, the movie gives hope that event the so-called bad boys can fall in love and settle down. Made of Honor is good entertainment for a rainy day with a blanket and bowl of ice cream enjoyed with your best girlfriends. Even for the lifelong skeptics of romantic comedies there is one thing not to be missed: Patrick Dempsey’s perfect hair.


Text by Anni Aro

Film review: Band Baaja Baaraat – Wedding Planners

Film review: Band Baaja Baaraat – Wedding Planners

The romantic comedy by Maneesh Sharma takes us, as the title already suggests, in the world of (bombastic) organised weddings.

The young Shruti (Anushka Sharma) knows exactly what she wants to do in life. During her studies she worked as
an assistant to a famous wedding planner and she has already developed the concept for her own wedding planning agency called “Shaadi Mubarak”.

Bittoo (newcomer Ranveer Singh) enjoys his student life in Delhi to the fullest, but he does not really know what to do in life. To stop his son fooling around, his father gives him two options: he has to find himself a job; otherwise a life on the sugarcane field of his father is waiting for him.

Bittoo decides to become Shruti’s business-partner and together they found the wedding planning agency “Shaadi Mubarak”. Shruti makes immediately one thing clear: They are just business partners, there will be no love, destroying the business climate.
They are very successful with their business and are soon known to make the most colourful and frisky weddings. Quick Shaadi Mubarak is getting bigger and soon they also serve the wealthier segment of the Delhi population. After their first successful really big budget wedding they celebrate, get drunk, and sleep together. In the morning she realises, that she is in love with him, but he is freaked out by the happenings. They fight, and it escalates until they split, and even break up the company. Shruti continues by herself with “Shaadi Mubarak”, Bittoo founds “Happy Weddings”. But since all their success came from working together, it is not a surprise that their businesses fail; but still both refuse to work together.

A HUGE potential client asks them to organise his daughter’s wedding, but only if they work together. As they are now in debt on their own, they agree for only this one time…

Anushka Sband-baaja-baaraatharma and Ranveer Singh make a great couple; she is very emotional and he is very energetic. And yes, it is already clear from the first few minutes what wedding we really want to see at the end of the film; but that is completely irrelevant, because until then there are plenty of other very colourful and musical weddings, and there are misunderstandings and serious decisions to make. I enjoyed the fun feeling throughout the first hour of the film, the second hour is more dramatic and serious. It is such a typical Bollywood movie: sometimes happy, sometimes sad.
I was a little bit disappointed by the music scenes, I have to say, that for my taste, I have heard better Bollywood songs and have seen better Bollywood dances.
Nevertheless I give FOUR stars to BBB, because it is colourful, fun and entertaining!


Review by Ute Kehrs

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Film review: My best friend’s wedding

Film review: My best friend’s wedding

My best friend’s wedding (1997) does not follow the same script that the many American romantic movies. Julianne (Julian Roberts) and her best friend and ex-boyfriend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) made the deal when they were in college that if both were single when they turned 28, they get married. Three weeks before the Julianne’s 28th anniversary, she gets the call from Michael. Michael gets married with young and beautiful Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). Julianne’s old feelings arise and she decides to fight for love to avoid means.
Julia Roberts did the create role as a Julianne. She acted well the woman who afraid to remain eternal old maid. Because of the fear Julianne is ready to do almost anything to win Michael’s love back. In my opinion, the best character is Julianne’s hilarious guy friend George Downes (Rupert Everett). I think that George represents all the properties of the good friend. He is always able to listening Julianne’s worries in any situation and flight from New York to Chicago just for supporting Julianne. In additions he gives valuable advices and he steals all funniest jokes in the movie.

My best friend’s wedding soundtrack comprises the cover versions of old and familiar hits. Music fits well for the movie’s nature. There is the great scene where George starts to sing the song “I say a little prayer (for you)” and all others expect Julianne and Michael join the song in the restaurant. This song was covered by Diana King and making it a Billboard top 100 hit. Other lovely song is Julianne and Michael’s song “The way you look tonight” which is covered by Tony Bennett. This song came out in many scenes, which one is lovely dancing scene on the boat.Milieu of the movie is quite insignificant. There are not any spectacular landscapes but it is not to be so remarkable in this kind of movie. Because it is a question of a wedding movie, I have to say something about the venue. Kimmy’s family is quite rich and in the wedding costs it has not been saved. The venue decorates including ice sculpture and many fabulous flower arrangements. I can guess that this wedding is the dream for the person who wants big and impressive wedding.

There was hide many good thoughts about the love on the movie par example that how people realized how much they love someone just after they lose that person. In addition movie shows that sometime you have to be ready to fight for love. All in all, my best friend’s wedding is fresh romantic comedy which was easy to watch and leaves the good feeling. This movie fits perfectly for lazy Sunday  when you do not want that movie confuse you many hours after watching. That is why I give for my best friend’s wedding movie three stars.


Written by Senja Korhonen

Film review: Sex and the City

Film review: Sex and the City

In Sex and the City movie (2008) Carrie Bradshaw, a well-known columnist is finally getting married with the love of her life; Mr. Big.  The movie begins where the series ended. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) lives in Brooklyn with Steve and their son, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) in New York with her husband Harry and their adopted baby girl and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) in LA with her model boyfriend Smith. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) are planning their life together in NY and they buy a dream apartment. Soon they decide to get married and from small plans the wedding gets bigger and bigger. Everyone’s life goes thru many changes but regardless these four girlfriends stay together.

Sex and the CitySex and the City movie gives the series fans everything needed; comedy, romance and drama. Carrie and her girlfriends are back in business and there is no doubt about missing laugh, love and friendship. The story itself includes a lot of twists and details which makes it versatile and interesting. At the same time it gives a picture of a real life’s relationships and dream life. As well as the story the main actresses and actors have made a great performance. Bradshaw, Nixon, Davis and Cattrall are a great team and they play well together. The movie did not change the characters of these four women and luckily the four friends were brought together several times, like in the series. In Sex and the City series love and labels were important and so were those in this film, as the soundtrack says.

Fashion is in major role in this movie. Various designer clothes like Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Prada, Dior and Chanel are seen during the film. The biggest wow effect is Carrie’s wedding dress; Vivienne Westwood’s masterpiece. That amazing dress among all other seen in the film has been inspiring many women. Also Carrie’s Vogue wedding dress photo shoot could be on the top of the wish list of many girls. The movie focuses quite a lot on showing beautiful clothes and accessories, especially unique designer ones and vintage. So for series and fashion followers this is an awesome combination of both. Beautiful to watch.

Michael Patrick King has directed the film and it definitely shows the best parts of New York City. It was nice that the settings changed several times from city to beach views and although there were many scenes the transitions had made smoothly. As a follower you just went with the flow from place to another. The film included very beautiful buildings and décor which like the clothes were pure eye candy.  The New York Public Library showed how creative bride or wedding planner can be while choosing a ceremony or reception venue. The scene in the library played the biggest role in the whole movie which at the same time put the happy story upside down.

The Sex and the City film is most importantly entertaining but also touching. It has the same features like in the series and most of all it has the answer for what is going to happen for Carrie and her best friends in future.

 Text by: Johanna Nivakoski

Film review: Monsoon Wedding

Film review: Monsoon Wedding

The movie “Monsoon Wedding” produced by Mira Nair in 2001 talks about the wedding preparations in an Indian family. This family lives in a comfortable house in New Delhi and they will celebrate soon the wedding of Aditi, the oldest daughter. monsoon wedding

All the family is really implicated in the preparation of this wedding but we can see that Aditi doesn’t feel happy to be married. Indeed, she will be married with a man that she doesn’t know. He is called Hemant and he is a computer programmer in Houston. Moreover, she is still in love of her fancy man who is a famous Indian TV presenter called Vikram. She is thinking of break up with her future fiancé for him. She is waiting Vikram to divorce with her wife to be with him. During the evening engagement she decides to see Vikram but policemen saw them and she was almost arrested. She decided to talk about that to Hemant and they decided to try to build something together and to know each other.

Furthermore, all along the movie we see the parents of Aditi called Pimmi and Lalit who are key players in this movie. Indeed, Lalit is really stressed for this wedding about the weather, about the happiness of his family because he likes to see everybody happy. This wedding cost a lot of money and he is worry to don’t have enough money for the wedding because her wife has luxurious taste.

For this huge wedding, they invite all the family from India but also the family who comes from Australia and America.

In this movie we can see some love story started. For example, Dubey who is in charge of the weeding preparation fall in love of Alice the Verma’s domestic and neglect his work. We can observe that Aditi’s cousin called Ayesha likes Rahul, the visitor from Australia.

There is also a plot between Aditi’s cousin and a family friend. We can see that Aditi’s cousin observes this friend who has a weird and perverted behavior with the younger daughter. We will discover later that this friend family abused of Aditi’s cousin when she was 12 years old.

At the end of the movie, the wedding takes place with the monsoon, it’s raining but everybody is happy and they dance and sing together.

 This movie takes place in the modern upper-middle class of India.  There is a mix of characters in this Bollywood movie. All the members come from India but some of them left few years ago to work in different continents like America and Australia. Some of them have good jobs and the daughters of Lalit and Pimmi are ambitious. For example, one of the daughters wants to become a writer and she would like to go to study in America.

Moreover, the theme of arranged marriage is approached. This kind of marriage is frequent in India like in others poor countries. It’s an ancient tradition but still present with modern young people. That’s why it was interesting to watch a wedding movie different from European or American wedding movie. The wedding preparations are different in this country. There are a lot of customs and traditions. The wedding is really colorful, the women are always singing, dancing, changing their clothes. We also can observe that the members of the family are close.

Then, this movie approaches the subject of incest which is taboo in India. We could notice that the family has difficulties to trust Ria when she said she was sexually abuse when she was a child.

Thanks to this movie we can analyze the way of living of Indian family. There are some taboos in this family because they want to protect each other. The family takes an important place in India. This idea is confirm by the behavior of the father Lalit who is always worry for his daughters and he try to protect them.

Even this movie talks about arranged marriage, there are some moments of real love and truth in this story. Between PK. Duke and Alice we can see they love each other. This love story allows making less alarming the problem of arranged marriage. Indeed, people who love each others can be married.

To conclude, I will say I am not an adept of Bollywood movie, but this one was interesting because I could discover wedding traditions in India and make a comparison with European countries. I could make a link with the course of wedding planning and management because we spoke a lot about customs, traditions and arranged marriages.

Opinion about this movie:

note etoiles


Written by Coralie Maysounabe

Roman Times -inspired Wedding

Roman Times -inspired Wedding

   goblet groom The Roman times were a significant historic time period. This is also a theme that is commonly used for toga parties. Why not use this theme for a wedding?temple

                                  For the venue we chose a roman temple, which were made out of stone. The roman temple alone describes the time period very well. The venue would be decorated with gold objects such as vases and gold platters with fruits.

Wedding Attire :                    The bride would be wearing a white goddess dress and in her hair she would have gold jewellery and she would also have gold bracelets for accessories. The groom would have a toga that would be red either velour or cotton.


Food & Beverages               The romans didn’t have kitchens so it would only be logical to have whole animal rotating over the fire. The romans usually ate grilled meat and meat that was seasoned with lots of herbs. In the Roman times there was no knowledge of dessert so they mainly had fruits. Fruits would be the main dessert. As for beverages there would be wine and beer served as in the Roman times where they went to taverns and pubs to drink beer and wine to celebrate.


Wedding Cake                      If there had to be a cake we would suggest a “cake” that would be fruit piled and shaped in a form of a temple.

Floral Décor                          Floral décor would mainly consist of vines and grapes. Very minimalistic décor.

Music & Entertainment      Entertainment will be a roman inspired band with flutes and other instruments such as wooden instruments.

Transportation                     The romans travelled a lot on horseback so the transportation would be best on horseback.


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A Tarzan and Jane -inspired wedding

A Tarzan and Jane -inspired wedding

We were inspired by the movie Tarzan, which is also a love story. It is also quite easy to build a beautiful wedding around this theme. The main elements that help create this theme are exotic plants and flowers, tropical heat and a foreign destination.



     The destination should be in relation with the theme. We thought it had to be something warm and exotic. The destination we chose was  Hawaii. This wedding is an outside wedding. The actual ceremony would ideally be held at the beach and the reception in a tent that is in the proximity of the beach and the jungle.

venue-2floral decor

Wedding Attire            

  The bride is wearing a long, white cotton dress. It still holds the elements of elegancy and the traditional image of the bride but it is still relaxed as is the atmosphere of the wedding. The bride will wear her hair open and curled, with wild flower decorations in her hair. The groom will be wearing a beige linen suit, with a thin white collar shirt. The groom will also wear a corsage made out of the same flowers as the bride’s hair decorations. With these materials, the couple won’t be disturbed by the heat.


Food & Beverages      

The welcome drink will be a Peach Bellini. At the reception, the beverages offered will be jungle themed blended drinks, made out of fresh fruits and rum, for example Pina Colada, Mohito etc. The food will be a buffet styled table, focusing on cold and fresh dishes, such as salads, fruits and smoked fish. There will also be barbeque food, such as chicken and seafood.


Wedding Cake                  

 The cake will be in the shape of a pineapple. Its main ingredients are rum, cream and pineapple. On top of the cake, the traditional wedding couple figure will be replaced with a figure of Tarzan and Jane.exoticfruits


 The bride’s bouquet will be made out of exotic wild flowers, such as orchids and green leaves. At the altar there will be a floral arch with mainly green leaves and some coloured flowers. There will also be a couple lianas hanging from the arch. The guests’  will be seated in white wooden chairs with floral decorations in the last chairs of the rows. These floral decorations will also mainly focus on orchids. The centre pieces at the reception will be see-through bowls with orchid flowers floating on water.bride floralfloral2floral1recp.floral

centerpiece floral

Music & Entertainment     

The music will focus on Hawaiian music, with instruments such as ukulele, djembe drums, maracas etc. There will be a special performance from a Hawaiian tribe. The song for the first dance of the couple will be Phil Collins – You’ll be in my heart.

 The couple will leave the ceremony with an elephant into the sunset.


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