Breakfast at Tiffany’s Wedding

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Wedding


The breakfast at Tiffany’s wedding is inspired by the eponymous Audrey Hepburn movie, which was a very popular romance in the 1960’s. However, as this theme will be more appealing to women than to men, the wedding should not be overly focused on it. The light blue gift box from the movie will be carried through the whole wedding, as well as the color light blue itself.

Before the wedding, all guests will receive themed invitation cards and letters.



A light blue 60s Jaguar MK2 will carry the couple to the location and back in proper style. This 60’s style will also be found in the style of the venue. It will have a classy New York style with many silver and light blue details.

AttiLight blue dress with ornamentsre

The bride will wear a voluminous wedding dress, the color of which will deliberately vary from the traditional white or creme dress. It will be light blue with small ornaments and decorations. She will have a matching bouquet in light pastell colors. The groom’s attire will be classy as well, in a light gray or dark black tone. According to the theme, the groom will give his bride a Tiffany bracelet or necklace as a pre-wedding gift, which she will wear on their wedding day.


All decorations will be unobtrusively matching. Plain things will be upgraded with light blue details. For example affordable paperball lights can be beautified by adding light blue flowers and butterflies.

The table decoration will consist of big creme flowers in light blue gift boxes. There will also be some little gift boxes as presents for the guests. They will contain chocolate-covered almonds and romantic sayings.

Paperlball Lights


The two-layered wedding cake will be very plain. It will have the light blue theme color and eatible gold powder on it. Additionally, there will be cupcakes which look like little blue gift boxes, with a big white bow-tie and a marzipan Tiffany’s charm and on top.

Tiffany's cupcakesDrinksClassy drinks and chocolate wedding cake with "suited" strawberries

The feminine touch will be also reflected in the pastell-colored macarons an the different kinds or freshly-made lemonade, which will be served throughout the whole day.

The dinner will contain light food, such as salad with scallop and rasberry dressing or coalfish. During dinner time, a live band will perform classy blues music.


Later in the evening, mordern music will be played, so all guest can dance and enjoy the atmosphere.

Text by Deborah Kutsch & Marion Dechavanne


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