Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

The rustic wedding is mainly based on nature and vintage patterns. It could take place on a farm or in an old barn on the country side or if the weather allows on a free field.

The colors of the rustic wedding could either be pastel or autumn colors like brown, bright orange, red and yellow. This will also be reflected in attire, decorations and food.


The transportation medium will be an old truck. In order to make sure the bride’s make-up and hair will not suffer from the wind, it will drive very slowly. As an additional benefit, the couple can enjoy the scenery and great the passing pedestrians. In case of bad weather, there will be a closed back-up car.


The bride’s dress can have any desired shape. However, it will be rather straight than voluminous. It should have a crème tone. The plain shape and color gives room for filigree details and playful extras. The groom will wear a suit in a brown or grey tone and can also add extra accessories like boutonnieres or a pocket watch. The bridesmaids will have matching dresses in one of the theme colors. As an additional eye-catcher, they can wear matching brown leather boots or hats.

Groom and Best man / BridesmaidsBridesmaids


The decorations will contain many flowers and bright colors, as well as wooden signposts. An extra element, which will be carried through the whole wedding, will be Mason Jars.

Mason Jar Lemonade

These are usually used to conserve food. However, they also make a rustic decorative element.

Filled with flowers and deco-sand, they make a good decoration for the aisle, as well as the dining tables. Moreover, they can be filled with little gifts or snacks as a nice gesture for the guests. Additionally, they can be used for dessert or as drinking glasses for cocktails. Filled with red cherries or almonds, they look nice and complete the rustic image of the wedding.


The food will contain hearty culinary delights and fresh oven-baked bread. The multi-layered wedding cake will also reflect the theme in its colors and decorations.

Tree cake


During the reception, live and acoustic music will be performed and guests will be animated to dance until dawn.

Text by Deborah Kutsch & Marion Dechavanne


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