Coco Chanel Wedding

Coco Chanel Wedding

The wedding theme about a popular culture is about Coco Chanel. A wedding with the inspiration of the French fashion designer and the founder of the Chanel brand is an event which bases on the three main colors white, black and pink.

The wedding destination should be in Paris – in the home town of Coco Chanel. A perfect wedding venue would be little church or chapel in Paris. The couple could get there by an old “deux-chevaux” which is decorated with pink flowers on the bonnet.

The chapel is decorated with pink and white flowers. The bride is accompanied by her bridesmaids who all wear pink long dresses.

The bride herself wears a white long dress with lots of pearl necklaces. She has jewelry of Chanel and of course the perfume “Coco Chanel Nr. 5”. Moreover she has a long veil and black shoes with diamonds. Her bridal bouquet is made of 30 white and pink roses. All in all the bride is dressed as Coco Chanel herself said once: “A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous”.

Coco Chanel accessoires        Coco Chanel             Coco Chanel QuoteCoco Chanel bouquet

The groom is dressed classical. He wears a black suit and according to the theme a hat. However, his shirt is pink with a pink checked tie.

After the ceremony the newlyweds go to the wedding location. It’s a restaurant with a beautiful rose garden. There are lots of tables for 4-8 persons that are decorated in white, black and pink. The table clothes are pink with a black bow. In the middle of the table there are white and pink flowers in a black vase. And the plates are decorated with black napkins and pink roses. In the middle of the garden there is a fountain.

Wedding venue gardenWedding venue

The food and beverage is very extravagant. As an aperitif there is a very expensive Champaign and canapés. For the main course there are French specialties and different sorts of red and white wine.

After the meal there is a traditional wedding dance of the bride and the groom. Classical music is live played by an orchestra. There a lots of pianists and violinist.

As a big entertainment point the groom and bride are cutting together the wedding cake. The wedding cake is like stacked head boxes in black, white and pink with flowers and with pearls decorated.

Wedding cake

Text by Corinna Potysch and Alina Schweer

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