A Fall Wedding

A Fall Wedding

We decided that instead of a quite common summer or winter wedding we would focus on creating a fall wedding. With this season we get to use colours and elements that are not so common. We decided that the main colours used in this theme are red, orange, beige, brown and gold; all the colours of the autumn.


For the ceremony we decided to use again the Mikaelin Kirkko in Turku. We chose it because even though it is in the centre of Turku, it has lots of nature and trees surrounding it. Since this wedding is held in the fall all the nature and trees around the church will be blossoming beautiful shades of orange, red and brown. We wanted the reception venue to be also around nature, so we picked Ruissalo, Turku to be the reception venue site. In Ruissalo there is a view to the sea and it is surrounded with forest.

Wedding Attire

The bride’s dress will be white, but it will have a hint of peach in it, to match the season. The top part of the dress will be lace. The train will be quite massive. Her hairdo will be a loose bun with flower and berry decorations with the autumn colour. The groom will wear a basic black suit with a beige vest and tie. The groom’s corsage will match with the decorations in the bride’s hair.

fall wedding dress

fall hairdo

Food & Beverages

The welcome drink will be a basic champagne. The glasses will be decorated with red and yellow rose petals. The food will be a 3 course meal, starting with the starter which is a mushroom soup, since autumn is the season of mushrooms. The main dish is lamb with potatoes with a cloudberry a wine dressing. The dessert will of course focus on berries, as autumn is also the season of berries. The dessert is a blueberry pie with cream.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a traditional strawberry cake. It will be decorated with a red and orange flowers.

autumn cake

Floral Décor

The bridal bouquet is made out of a mix of real flowers, fabric and branches. The colours will be brown, orange, white and purple. The church flowers will also focus on the autumn colours, and the main pathway of the church will be decorated with autumn leaves and orange and white rose petals. The centre pieces will be made out of orange, red and yellow roses and gerber daisies.

fall bouquet

autumn flowers

Dove Wedding Photography

Music & Entertainment

The male band members will wear orange wests with black shirts and black pants. The female singer of the band will wear simple gold dress. The lighting on the dance floor will also focus on warm colours.


The couple will leave the church with a white old fashioned car, which is decorated with yellow, orange, red and white pompoms.

Text by Saara Peltomäki & Sylvia Saraste

For more photos go to: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-autumn-saara-sylvia/


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