Antique Wedding

Antique Wedding

The wedding theme is based on a particular historic period. It is an antique wedding.

It takes place in Austria in Vienna. The venue where the ceremony takes place is the castle “Schönbrunn”.

The bride wears a beige wedding dress with a pattern and a veil. The bride’s bouquet is pretty cute. Wrapped in antique style lace and held together with twine. The colors of the flowers are white and rosé. The groom wears a grey suit and vest. He also has a stovepipe hat. The corsage of the groom is white and fits to the bouquet of the bride.

The couple does not need any transportation from the ceremony to the reception, because it is in the same building, they just change the room. They go to the ballroom.

The reception starts with an aperitif. The guests get a glass of sparkling wine with caramel syrup and sugar at the bezel. They have a 4 course menu in the ballroom.


Warm truffle and mushroom jelly with artichoke cream and camelina oil

Scallops cooked over charcoal with fennel and lemon puree, pickled fennel, sorrel and Japanese spiced brown shrimp, dill oil

Loin of rabbit stuffed with a light pata negra farce, roasted carrots, black cumin and carrot puree, toasted seed granola

Rhubarb poached with black pepper with baked custard flavoured with maple syrup, gingerbread and rhubarb bombe

The wedding cake is a four-storey layer cake in beige with cream and marzipan. At the top of the cake are two little figures. The figures of bride and groom wear antique wedding dresses.

The decoration of the ballroom is simple because the ballroom is already decorated with stucco. There are just some flowers in beige, rosé and white. On the table are candlesticks with big white and rosé candles.

The music also fits to the wedding theme antique. There is an orchestra which plays old classic music. The couple opens the dance floor with a Waltz. After that, all the guests are dancing a traditional dance which is really easy and the guests can do it after a short instruction.

Text by Alina Schweer and Corinna Potysch

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3 thoughts on “Antique Wedding

  1. Lovely wedding idea, so romantic! I love that lace dress and wedding venue. This is really nice idea for couples who like history. I love it!

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