Autumn Wedding Theme

Autumn Wedding Theme


The wedding ceremony takes place in the church of Mikkeli and the wedding reception in Kyyhkylä which is situated about 30 minutes boat trip from the centre of Mikkeli. The guests will be transported to Kyyhkylä by boat m/s Jaarli and the trip will cost about 280 euros.

In Kyyhkylä there is an old barn where the wedding reception takes place. When all the tables are set and there is an area left for dancing the barn have room for 80 guests. Accommodation is also offered to the guests in the mansion of Kyyhkylä.


Wedding attire

The bride’s dress will be burgundy and the groom will be wearing a black or navy blue suit. Bride’s hair will be in loose bun with some golden accessory on the top of the bun. Her nails will be also burgundy but one nail in both hands will have golden nail polish. Otherwise the bride’s accessories like earrings and bracelets will be very modest golden jewels. The bridesmaids will be wearing dresses of autumn colours such as dark orange, brown, red and mustard yellow. The groomsmen will be wearing a navy blue suit with red ties.


Food and the wedding cake

 The food served at the wedding benefits from the harvest’s root vegetable. There will be roasted vegetables, potato salad and pumpkin soup for example. There will also be sandwich cake with autumn inspired topping. The wedding cake will have a coffee flavour with a taste of orange. It will be decorated with brown stripes and leaves made of marzipan together with chocolate candies.


Alcohol that is served at the wedding will be both white and red wine. Then there will also be berry juice, soda and water for children and those who don’t drink alcohol. With the cake coffee and tea will be served.


There will be a lot of candles most of them in glass vases which are decorated by desiccated leaves and golden string. The wedding bouquet will be made of red and orange coloured gerberas and lilies. Other floral decorations will be dark coloured roses set in a square vase made of glass.

The tables will be covered by white tablecloths and there will be some of these candle and floral decorations on the tables. The chairs will be white and made of wood. The name tags for the guests at the tables will be made of desiccated leaves where the name is written with white marker. Tables will be long, maybe for 14-16 persons and they will be set at the sides of the barn. That way there will be a free area in the middle of the barn left for dancing.


At the entrance of the barn there will be a big white curtain which is fastened to one side of the entrance. If necessary the curtain can be unfastened so that it would cover the entrance and act like a door. The lightning at the barn will be peaceful and not too bright. From the roof the will be hanging white round paper lights.

Music and entertainment

There will be a live band playing on a stage. The music will be energetic and great for dancing. For entertainment there will be speeches given by the friends and the robbery of the bride. The bride will robbed by the friends of the groom and the groom has to fulfil a hope or something in order to get the bride back. He might have to write a poem to the bride or make a song to get her back.

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Text by Tiia Aho



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