Blue Wedding

Blue Wedding


Kulosaari Church, Helsinki

Ravintola Sipuli, Helsinki

Kulosaari church was chosen because of its location close to the city centrum of Helsinki, and next to the sea. Ravintola Sipuli was chosen especially because of its glass ceiling what makes possible to enjoy the sky. Location close to the city centrum and Kulosaari church was another reason to make this decision.

Ravintola Sipuli  Kulosaari Church


The main colours of the wedding will be white, beige and blue, especially royal blue. White will be used as a base colour and various shades of blue will bring nice accent to the décor. Ravintola Sipuli has brick walls that will go well with blue and keep the warm atmosphere. The ceiling is made from glass what would let the day light inside the banquet room.

White chair covers will be decorated with royal blue ribbons and bows. Napkins, candles and flowers will be in various shades of blue and they will decorate the white table cloths. Couch will be decorated with royal blue pillows.

The church will be also decorated with white and blue. The aisle will be covered with royal blue fabric and the benches will be “tied” by white and blue organza.

Wedding attire

The bride will have traditional white wedding dress that will be decorated by royal blue ribbon. The groom will wear royal blue suit but white shirt.

Food and beverage

Ravintola Sipuli has special wedding menu. The couple can choose buffet table, so that the guests have enough of options to choose from and everyone would find something s/he likes.  There are several buffet options from which the couple can choose the most suitable, for example “Sipuli seitsemällä merellä” menu that includes various fish dishes, but also some lamb and beef.

Wedding cake and coffee will be served after the dinner.

Champaign will be the main drink during the celebration. Blue Martini will be served when the night will go on.

Wedding cake


Vanda is one of the beautiful flowers that can be found in various shades of blue. The flower has pretty shape, too. They will be used in decoration of the tables in the banquet room.

Blue has wide range of shades, from baby blue to navy blue. It goes well with several other colours and can be easily found in decorations and cloths. The colour is pleasant for many people, as well.

Music and entertainment

Lounge music will be played on the background during the dinner. Later during the night the music will change to dance music. Audio equipment can be found in Ravintola Sipuli.

The guests will get small goodie bag with light blue candies packed in blue organza and a “thank you” note with white background and royal blue ribbon and text.


Bus transportation will be ordered for the guests but the couple will have separate ride.

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By: Sara Hämäläinen, Irina Kononenko, Anna Kuusela


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