Eco-friendly Wedding

Eco-friendly Wedding

This theme we chose based on the land scape of the city Loviisa. The idea is that the items used in the wedding are as close as possible to a recycled and eco-friendly.  


The ceremony is held in Loviisa’s church. The church will be decorated with Finnish wild flowers and berries. The reception will be held at and old barn. The barn is also decorated with natural flowers.

Wedding Attire

The bride is wearing a traditional old fashioned wedding dress. It is made out of linen and it has lace decorations in it. It is also long sleeved. The bride’s hair is in a loose bun, and she is wearing the traditional four: something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. The groom is wearing a black tailcoat.

close to earth wedding dress

Food & Beverages

The welcome drink is an organic sparkling wine. The glasses are decorated with a single daisy. The beverages are mostly red and white wines, organic and home-made beer and berry liquors. The food is all organic and locally produced. There will be basic Finnish food such as boiled potatoes, and other root vegetables, salmon, meatballs, and carnelian pastries etc. The table where the food is will be decorated with wild flowers and linen table clothes.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is home-made by the mother of the groom. It will be a cloudberry cake with a cream frosting. It will be simply decorated with cloudberries and leaves.

Floral Décor

The bridal bouquet will made from 3 large sunflowers. They will be tied together with a white linen ribbon. The centre pieces will be made out of three gerber daisies. The pots where the flowers are in are old used wine bottles, decorated with lace and decorative rope.

eco-friendly bouquet

Music & Entertainment

The music will be acoustic, and mostly played with a single guitar. The songs are traditional Finnish love songs. There is no need for a big band, but a small band of 3 guitar players is hired, and they will be wearing black pants and egg-shell white linen shirts. All of them will have dandelion corsages.


The couple will leave the church with a horse carriage. The horses will be Finnhorses and the horses and the carriage is decorated with wild flowers.

eco-friendly transportation

Text by Saara Peltomäki & Sylvia Saraste

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