Elvis Presley Rock ‘n’ Roll wedding

Elvis Presley Rock ‘n’ Roll wedding


The bride and groom are both Elvis Presley fans so they want to have Rock ‘n Roll themed weddings.


The wedding ceremony takes place in Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. After the ceremony the bride and groom and their guests walk a short way to the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach -hotel where the wedding reception is held. The hotel is within a few hundred metres from the beach. The couple has rented one part of the beach for few hours so that that part of the beach won’t be crowded during ceremony. The wedding reception is held in Rainbow Suite that has space for 180 guests. Rainbow Suite is one of the most popular reception venues in Waikiki beach hotel. Elvis Presley has stayed in the same Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach -hotel when he did his tour in Hawaii. The couple can continue with their honeymoon after the wedding day in Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach -hotel.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach -hotel beach

Wedding attire

The bride is wearing an elegant white dress and golden jewellery. She has golden high heels and white flowers in her hair. The groom is wearing a white shirt and grey suit.

bride's dressbride's hairbride's shoesgroom's suit


The wedding menu includes fish and meat dishes as well as lots of fresh fruits such as pineapple, mango and grapes. There is also a small chocolate fountain where guests can dip the fruits.

chocolate fountain

Beverage and wedding cake

The couple and their guests can have different fruit cocktails and champagne. There are also both red and white wines served at the reception. The wedding cake is shaped like a guitar and made of chocolate.

guitar cake

Floral décor

Flowers are white roses with golden glitter.


Music and entertainment

Music in the reception is going to be Rock ‘n Roll and it’s played from jukebox. The groom sings and plays guitar and performances Elvis Presley’s And I Love You So for the bride. There will be beautiful fireworks on the sky in the evening in wedding reception.



Transportation, to and from the beach where the wedding ceremony takes place, happens by foot. The beach is just few hundred metres from the hotel where the guests and the couple are staying.

Text by Heli Salmi 

Pictures: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-elvis-rock-n-roll-wedding-jasmin-rii/


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