Flying & Airplanes Wedding Theme

Flying & Airplanes Wedding Theme


The wedding ceremony will take place in a rented private jet. Only the closest relatives and friends are invited to the ceremony because there are a limited number of seats in the jet.The wedding reception will take place in the hangar of Räyskälä in Loppi. All the guests are expected to organize their own transportation to Räyskälä.


Wedding attire         

The bride will be wearing a white lace dress with open back. The groom will wear a black suit. The guests will also wear dresses and suits. Only the staff of the wedding will be wearing kind of uniforms. The priest will be dressed as a flight captain and waiters and waitresses will be wearing uniforms of flight attendants.


Food and the wedding cake

After the wedding ceremony, there will be champagne served to the guests in the jet.Food will be served like in the airplanes on a plastic tray. The drinks will also be served by the waiter or the waitress from the drink cart. The staff will be going around the tables so that they could serve more drink whenever someone needs more.The food will be meat, fish or vegetarian version with salad, baked potato and sauce. The cake will be cream cake with blueberry filling and topping.


Red and white wine, beer, cider, soda, juice and basic drinks will be served at the wedding.


In the hangar there will be smaller airplanes in the background. The tables will be for 15-20 persons and they will be decorated with white tablecloths and in the middle a blue fabric stripe going along the whole table. There will also be airplane seats in the hangar.


The floral decorations will mainly consist of roses. There will be rose balls hanging from the roof and roses in vases on the tables. There will be white candles on the tables too. The wedding bouquet is made of roses too. The wedding invitations are written so that they look like flight ticket or boarding pass.


Music and entertainment

Music will be played from cd. As the couple is really passionate about flying there will be a flight simulator so that everyone could try how it feels like to be flying.

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Text by Tiia Aho


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