Grease Wedding Theme

Grease Wedding Theme


The wedding ceremony will be hold at the Cathedral of Turku. The wedding reception takes place in the park of Kupittaa which is a vast park area situated about 5 minutes from the church by car. The couple will be transported from the church to Kupittaa by retro car that is inspired by the movie. The guests will move to Kupittaa by their own car or they can use the public transportation which is very simple. In Kupittaa there is a restaurant called Kupittaan paviljonki (Pavilion of Kupittaa) and the wedding reception is hold there.


Wedding attire

The outfits of the bride and the groom and the guests will be inspired by the movie and by the fifties. The ladies will be wearing circle skirts and wiggle dresses. The men will be wearing jeans, bowling shirts and leather jackets.


Food and the wedding cake

The food served at the wedding will be mainly hamburgers and french fries. The hamburgers and fries will be bought from Hesburger. There will be different kinds of salads for those who don’t like to eat so stodgy food. The cake will be a berry cake with lemon topping. It will be decorated by Grease-text and colourful stripes. There will be a figure of Sandy and Danny dancing on the top of the cake.



Milkshakes from Hesburger will be served and also beer, juice and soda.


The Pavilion will be decorated as a diner from the fifties. The floor will be covered by black and white squared carpet. The chairs of the restaurant will be replaced by red leather couches. There will be different neon light signs on the wall for example one with the phrase Congratulations. The floral decorations will be made of red and white roses that are put in milkshake glasses. The wedding bouquet will be made of roses. There will also be balloon arches.


Music and entertainment

There will be a jukebox so that everyone has a chance to choose a song that they like. Later on the evening there will be a live band playing songs from the fifties. The band will play for half an hour or a little bit more but not the whole night.


Outside next to the pavilion there will be a couple of amusement park rides that are rented from Tivoli Sariola. Tivoli Sariola is a Finnish company that runs an ambulatory amusement park and it rents its rides for private use. There could be a Ferris wheel and some carousel.

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Text by Tiia Aho


2 thoughts on “Grease Wedding Theme

  1. Love this wedding idea! I really liked the movie so I think this is a very nice theme for weddings. Food and wedding attire and everything is like in the movie so it is different and unique from other weddings. Very nice!

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