Hawaiian Wedding

Hawaiian Wedding


Vanajanlinna, Harviala

Wedding ceremony will be held outside by the lake. Seats for the guests will be brought outside and the aisle will lead to the altar. The dinner will be held in Juhlapaviljoni, The Festive Pavilion.

Wedding attire

The bride will have a simple “flowy” white dress without too many details. The groom will wear a cream colour suit.

Food & Beverage

There will catering to take care of everything. The dinner will be a barbeque with exotic fruits and drinks. Drinks will be mainly made from pineapple and coconuts. It will be an open bar for the guests. The wedding cake will be a traditional white layer-cake with Hawaiian flower.

wedding cake


Lots of Hawaiian flowers in different colours will be used in the venue and in the altar. There will also be peddles of flowers on the aisle. Palm leaves will also be used to bring out Hawaiian look.

wedding decor  wedding decor

Music and entertainment

When the guests arrive, they will be greeted with leis as welcoming gesture. There will be dancers performing the traditional Hawaiian dance called Hula Hula and Hawaiian music will be played in the background.

Hula Hula dancers


The guests will take care of their own transportation to Vanajanlinna. During the wedding there is no transportation needed from the ceremony to the reception.

And more…

Gifts for the guests will be cookies wrapped in palm leaves by the Honolulu cookie company.  After the wedding the guests will stay in a hotel in the venue. There will be a wedding brunch the next morning.  The waiters will be wearing Hawaiian shirts.

For more pictures, visit: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-hawaii-anna-irina-sara/

By: Sara Hämäläinen, Irina Kononenko, Anna Kuusela


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