Moulin Rouge Wedding

Moulin Rouge Wedding


The Moulin Rouge theme will already show on the wedding invitations. In the invitation there will be the wedding couple dressed according to the Moulin Rouge theme, the bride with a sparkly silver cocktail dress and black top hat and the groom in black tuxedo and white shirt and bow. There will be red background with golden details and text. In the invitation the guests are required to dress up to the wedding according to the theme.

Wedding Attire:

For the actual wedding day, the bride will be wearing same styled white, silver decorated dress with silver tiara as seen in the musical scene of Moulin Rouge. The groom wears the same tuxedo as in the wedding invitation pictures with the top hat the bride wore in the pictures.

moulin rouge dancing

moulin rouge nicole

Venue & Decorations:

The color scheme of the wedding will be different shades of red and sparkly silver and golden. We will also have feathers and candles to decorate the space. The wedding couple wants to create an old school glamour look to the venue. The wedding ceremony will be held in the Svenska Teatern theater in Helsinki.

The wedding party will be held in the same building in the restaurant Teatteri. The color theme continues in the restaurant with red tablecloths and fake diamond decorations in both silver and golden on the table. Candlesticks will be silver with white candles and there will be flower centerpieces made of roses.

moulin rouge venue



The wedding dinner is served in buffet style. The buffet table is over the top luxurious with full of choices. The menu is French styled, since that is the location of Moulin Rouge. As appetizers there will be for example various kinds of cheeses with crackers and baguette, French onion tartlets, avocado and shrimp salad. As the main course, there will be beef and fish served in French style with various side dishes. The wedding cake is shaped as the wind mill of Moulin Rouge.

moulin rouge cake


House band will be performing the songs of the Moulin Rouge musical. A dance group will also perform an Indian style dance for the song Hindi Sad Diamonds from the movie. The bride has planned a performance for the groom herself, dressed into the silver dress seen in the wedding invitations to the song Diamonds are the Girl’s Best Friend. For the first dance, the couple has chosen the ultimate love song of the movie, Your Song.

Text by: Anni Aro, Karoliina Pekkala & Liisa Koskinen

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