Movie Theme Wedding

Movie Theme Wedding


The wedding ceremony is held in the beautiful Helsinki Cathedral and the reception at Casino Helsinki in Fennia Saloon. The Casino is lavish with massive white pillars and other glamorous details. It is located in the heart of Helsinki.

Helsinki Casino

Wedding Attire

The bride’s dress is golden which goes along with the movie red carpet theme perfectly. She will also have a veil. The groom will wear a black suit/tuxedo. Guests are asked to wear night gowns and tuxedos as well.

Wedding dress

Food and Beverage

A catering company will take care of the food. The wedding cake will be black and white and a shape of the movie clapboard. Beverages include wine, champagne and soda.  Coffee and tea will also be served.

wedding cake


There will be a red carpet in the church when the couple walks down the aisle. At the Casino there is a popcorn machine and cups so the guests can help themselves. There will be the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars on the back of the chairs with guests’ names on them. The tables will be arranged as long rows and there will be about 3 floral centerpieces per table row.

The bride will have a bouquet with red and white roses. Roses will be also used for decorations.

Music and Entertainment

There will be a DJ who will play movie soundtracks. Entertainment includes a quiz about movies. The winner gets a movie ticket. There is a photographer taking pictures of everyone when they arrive to the Casino.


Taxis will be ordered for the guests and the couple will have old Rolls Royce to take them from the church to the Casino.

Rolls Royce

And More…

Everyone will get Makuuni’s gift cards.

Text by Sara Hämäläinen, Irina Kononenko, Anna Kuusela

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2 thoughts on “Movie Theme Wedding

  1. Very nice and stylish wedding theme idea! Good idea for couples who like movies and who are fascinated by celebrity world. Love that wedding dress! It is also nice that guests are supposed to wear tuxedos and evening gowns as well as the couple. Really nice theme!

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