Pink Wedding

Pink Wedding

This pink wedding takes place in Island of Brac, Croatia. The wedding will be held in June when the temperature is about +20 degrees. The bride and groom will be staying in a villa next to the beach. Also their families and the most important friends will be staying in the same villa. The wedding ceremony itself will be held on the beach. The bride and groom will read their vows and change their rings there.

After the wedding ceremony the wedding party will walk to the garden nearby where the wedding reception is held. There the wedding couple will welcome the quests by shaking hands with all the guests before having a seat. The program contains speeches, couple of wedding games and the first dance of the couple. There will be a cover band playing the whole evening and people can suggest them songs they wish to hear during the celebration.

The bride will have white wedding gown with some pink details on it and a tiara as well. She will also have a bouquet made of pink roses. The groom has a white suit and a pink tie. They will both be barefoot on the beach and when the party starts in the garden the bride will put on pink shoes and the groom has white shoes. The maid of honour will have a pink dress and the best man has a white blouse with a pink tie and black trousers.

The wedding cake will be pink with some white flower details on it and also some pink cupcakes will be served. The menu contains mostly Mediterranean food and therefore sea food such as fish and shrimps play a big role in this menu. Also colourful fruits and salads will be served. The menu also contains tapas which are small appetizers. The menu does not contain much meat or dairy products. Also red wine is served and when the people have gathered to the garden they will have pink cocktails as a welcoming toast.

The decoration is mostly pink; serviettes, balloons, roses and candles on the tables, program, menu and name cards and the bows behind the chairs are all pink. On the beach there will be a pink arch made of pink flowers, green leaves and pink chiffon. As a gift from the wedding the guests will get some useful products such as towels and slippers (white with pink decorations) with their names on it so that they can use them after the wedding when still spending a couple of days on the island. The bride and groom will leave for a honeymoon to Seychelles the day after the wedding.

Text by: Anni, Liisa & Karoliina

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