Purple wedding theme

Purple wedding theme

Purple Wedding

purple-cherry-blossom-wedding-bouquet-2   inspirationvday  41447259040140105X4weMNs9c

The venue       


This concept will take place in a castle in Provence, South of France, because of the lavender flower.The wedding will takes place during July because is the lavender flowering season and some part of the region are purple.

Wedding attire for the bride and groom    

 dark-purple-wedding-dress-8   Latest_new_design_purple_and_white_wedding   57_39b4c943889a3f0c

The wedding dress will be purple and white. It could be all purple or all white with some purple touches. The bride will wear purple shoes. For the groom attire, he will wear a grey or black suit with a purple tie and white shirt. He could wear a purple flower in his suit pocket.


Purple Party (10) (1)   Purple-Menu

For a purple wedding, there will be a purple candy bar. A purple sweet buffet with grape, fig, raspberry, blackberry, purple cup cakes, purple macarons. The food will be presented like buffet, we will be able to find purple potato gnocchies or red cabbage salad and other food colouring with red onions.

Beverage and wedding cakes         

Pwc-50044   purple-party-300x300  Calla-Lily-and-Pearl-Embellished-Purple-Wedding-Cake

For the beverage, purple cocktails will be serve with blue curacoa and champagne with blackberry, blackcurrant liqueur or raspberry kirsh… The wedding cake could be white with sugar purple flowers of fake jewlery, or with purple shades.

The floral decor  

purple-wedding-7  images  vibrant-wedding-flowers-bright-yellow-green-purple-orchids-bride-wears-white-wedding-dress-groom-in-black-tux.original

For the floral décor, purple flowers will be use: lavenders, carnations, violets, speddwells, purple amenone flowers, pansies, tulips… for bouquets and table decoration.

Music and entertainment

For this concept, a Dj will carry out the musical animation. He will play some Deep Purple’s songs. This is a rock band.


The bride will arrive with her father in a purple vittage car decorated by flowers, ribbon. The couple will leave, after the ceremony in this car.

Written by Deborah Kutsch and Marion Dechavanne

For more informations, please visit : http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-purple-wedding-deborah-marion/


8 thoughts on “Purple wedding theme

  1. Very nice color wedding theme! The wedding venue is just perfect for this purple wedding! Love those purple flower fields!

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