Renaissance Wedding Theme

Renaissance Wedding Theme


The wedding will take place in Porvoo and the ceremony will be in the church of Porvoo. After the ceremony the couple will be transported to Taidetehdas in horse carts. The wedding guests can move to Taidetehdas by their own car or by foot because the distance is not too long. The wedding reception will be hold at one of the halls of Taidetehdas.

Wedding attire

The wedding outfits will be inspired by the renaissance era. The dresses will be big with large tail. The men will be wearing baggy pants. The outfits will be mainly made of velvet.

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Food and the wedding cake

There will be served salads like chicken-avocado salad and salmon salad. The cake will be a strawberry cake with chocolate topping. It will be decorated with red roses.


There will be red wine, beer, soda and juice served at the wedding. The drinks are served in tin cups.


On the walls there will be hanging renaissance paintings like the Birth of Venus. The curtains and other fabrics covering the walls will be made of dark coloured velvet. There will be renaissance styled couches. The tables will made of dark wood and they will be very basics. The floral decorations will consist of roses and lilies. They will be made in metal vases.

Music and entertainment

The music will be renaissance styled music played by a live band. For entertainment there will renaissance dances that guests can dance in big groups.

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Text by Tiia Aho


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