Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding

Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding

The Rock ‘n’ Roll wedding will be held in the beginning of November as it will be fairly dark in Finland and most likely no snow and the temperature is quite mild, not too hot nor too cold. The colour scheme will be black and red.

The wedding ceremony will take place in the Uspenski cathedral in Katajanokka, Helsinki Finland. In the church the aisle will be decorated with black and red roses and black candles. The bride will be wearing a red corset and black skirt and a jean vest. Her hair is tied up with a red scarf. She will also wear leopard high heels. The groom will be wearing a red tie, converse shoes, jean vest to even the outfits and suit trousers.

rocknrollweddingcouple   jeansvest kofftram groomshoes

The after party will be held in the live music night club Dom which is located in Kamppi, Helsinki. The guests will be transferred from the church to the location with the KOFF tram, which is reserved for the wedding guests only for the night. They will serve a drink at the tram as well and according to the theme the wedding toast will be made with a pint of beer. At the wedding reception we will have a cover band performing and playing well known rock ballads chosen by the wedding couple.

The song for the first dance of the couple will be Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. For entertainment, the friends of the groom will perform the most popular wedding game in Finland, stealing of the bride. The groom has to win her bride back by taking part into some games the bridesmaids have come up with.

For the wedding candy we chose salmiakki for its black colour. The pair would give the guests gifts in a lace sachet. In the gift bag there will be a guitar shaped key chain with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

Text by: Anni  Aro, Liisa Koskinen & Karoliina Pekkala

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