The Autumn Wedding

The Autumn Wedding

The ideal venue (church, castle, beach etc.) 

The wedding ceremony takes place in the old Petäjävesi church. The church is ideal for autumn weddings because it is in the nature and there is a river at the back of the church. So the scenario is very beautiful with all the autumn colors. The church is very old and beautiful wooden church and it is one of the World’s heritages sites in Finland. The wedding reception is nearby in this old barn in the countryside.

Petäjävesi church   Petäjävesi church  barn


Wedding attire for the bride and groom

The bride’s dress is classical and elegant. The color of the dress is off-white and it is lace. Wedding shoes are elegant and classical, off-white pumps. Bride’s hairdo is also classical and putted up. Makeup is natural and fresh. Jewellery is quite elegant and not so fancy or posh. Groom’s suit is black and it includes a hat.

Suit Wedding dress wedding shoes for bride Hairdo and makeup



Food in the wedding is healthy home-like food. There is Karjalanpaisti (traditional Finnish stew), potatoes, green salad and rye bread.

karjalanpaisti potatoes salad grilled salmon


Beverage and wedding cakes

With food there is home beer, juice, milk and water. Beer, cider and wines are also served if wanted. With cake there is coffee and tea. The wedding cake is decorated autumn-like and the filling in the cake is strawberries and whipped cream.

autumn wedding cake


The floral décor

Flowers used in decoration are roses and some smaller flowers but mainly roses. The colors of the flowers are orange, red and other autumn colors. The flowers are used in everywhere; in the altar, on the church floor, on the tables and chairs etc. The bride’s banquet and groom’s flower in the jacket pocket are both also made of roses that are autumn colors. There is also candles used in decoration and they are in autumn colors. Also berries and autumn leaves are part of the decoration.

table décor décor candle Bouquet


Music and entertainment

Music is the main entertainment and there is a band playing in the wedding. They play Finnish ‘iskelmä’ and some classics. Other entertainment is speeches by the wedding couple, friends and family. There are also some traditional wedding habits like throwing of the banquet and stealing the bride.

barn band


Transportation to and from the ceremony to the reception

Transportation of the wedding couple is made by black and stylish car and by old church boat. The guests are transferring by their own transportation forms. The Bride and the groom are going to the ceremony by their own rides but leaving together by church boat to the wedding reception.


Text by Jasmin Riikonen

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