Turquoise Wedding Theme

Turquoise Wedding Theme


Venue for this wedding would be a beach. The wedding takes place in Finland so in my opinion the Kalajoki beach would be a perfect place. Kalajoki is situated in the coast of Bothnian Bay along the highway 8. The best way to get to Kalajoki is by own car but the public bus transportation also make stops there. In Kalajoki there are also many types of accommodation offered to the guests who hopes to spend their night there.

 For the wedding ceremony there will be chairs and canopies brought to the beach. The couple will be married under an arch which is made of bamboo and is decorated with turquoise fabric strips.  The wedding reception is hold at the beach too. The tables will be under the canopies.


Wedding attire

The wedding attire will be casual and in light colours. The bride will be wearing a turquoise maxi dress with some sequins. The groom will be wearing white trousers and white shirt. During the wedding ceremony he will be also wearing a white jacket. The bridesmaids will be wearing also turquoise dress but shorter ones than the bride. The groomsmen will be wearing also a white jacket but with sand or beige colour trousers instead of white trousers.


The bride will be wearing turquoise and golden accessories for example turquoise earrings and bracelets and a golden clutch. The wedding ring is a silver ring with turquoise stone. The bride and the bridesmaids will be wearing sandals with turquoise details and the groom and the groomsmen will be wearing fabric loafer. The bride will have her hair open and curled.

Food and the wedding cake

The food will be somehow related to the sea for example shellfish food or turquoise food. There won’t be any warm dish served at the wedding reception. There will be a buffet so that every guest can get their food whenever they feel like it. Examples of some dishes served at the wedding are crayfish salad, potato salad, warm bread with cream cheese and sandwich cake. For dessert there will be cupcakes, macaroons and cake pops all with turquoise frosting. The wedding cake will also be turquoise with some floral decorations. The cake has lemon filling and the topping will have a flavor of raspberry.


Sparkling wine, cider, lemonade, juice and water will be served at the wedding. Cider, lemonade and water will be served from turquoise glass carafes. For sparkling wine and cider there will be wine glasses.


The wedding bouquet will consist of white and turquoise coloured roses. In the tables there will be turquoise glass vases with some pink flowers in them. In wide but low vases there will be floating candles. From the top of the canopies there will be hanging chiffon strips in different shades of blue and turquoise. Tables will be covered with white tablecloths and the chairs will have a turquoise chiffon strip tied to the back.

Music and entertainment

There will be a live band playing at the wedding. The music will be kind of serene and casual that kind of music that you would play with your friends at a campfire. It would be easy to listen without it being to distinctive. The band is also ready to play kind of indie music that is more energetic but still peaceful. For entertainment there will be a quiz about the couple, dancing competition etc.

For more pictures visit: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-turquoise-tiia/

Text by Tiia Aho


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