Wedding on a cruise

Wedding on a cruise

A very special wedding venue is a wedding on a cruise. There are a lot of companies which offer special wedding packages for couples who would like to marry on the cruise.

This wedding will be in summer and located on the cruise “Royal Caribbean” on a route with the destination of the southern Caribbean.

The wedding venue is on the front deck of the cruise. There are lots of white wood chairs for the guests which are placed in two lines. In the middle of these lines there is a wide carpet for the couple. Above the chairs and the carpet there are white clothes which give a romantic and idyllic atmosphere. There is no altar or anything for the ceremony just the captain. The rails and all the chairs are decorated with white flowers and bows.


The wedding attire for the bride and the groom is elegant but casual. The bride wears a wide long dress. The dress is very simple but beautiful. She wears a long veil which blows in the wind. Her bride bouquet is very exotic with lots of different colors which are adapted to the Caribbean nature. Her groom wears a bright suit.

After the ceremony each guest gets a balloon with the shape of a heart and can write a wish for the couple. Then everybody let the balloons fly to the sky at the same time.

heart balloons

The cruise company has arranged a buffet on the back deck. There are bar-height bistro tables and everybody is served with a strawberry aperitif. The buffet has fresh groceries like vegetables and fruits and a lot of cold specialties. Moreover there is a cook who prepares the meal in front of the guests. Everything is very especially decorated, for example there are carved fruits and vegetables in the shape of animals.

The wedding cake which is very big and high has the name “fruit dream”. It’s made of different exotic fruits from the Caribbean.

All the time a music band with drummers and soul singers is playing which gives a nice atmosphere on board of the Royal Caribbean which is navigating along the ocean…

Before the wedding party with live music and with all the guests from the cruise begins the newlyweds are taking their wedding pictures on the cruise. A photographer takes different pictures at different places and there are also possibilities of taking pictures with the beautiful sun set.

For their special day the couple gets for their first night as marriage people a suite which is decorated romantically with petals and candles.

Text by Alina Schweer and Corinna Potysch

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4 thoughts on “Wedding on a cruise

  1. Very nice and unique idea! Wedding on a cruise is not something that comes first in mind when planning a wedding but it would actually be very romantic!

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