Wedding theme: White & Champagne

Wedding theme: White & Champagne

The color theme for this wedding is white & champagne. Due to the fact that the wedding is a destination wedding, the color white and champagne is visible in all of the following aspects; the venue, food, beverage, wedding cake, floral décor, music & entertainment. Also the music and the entertainment are selected in a way that it matches with the color theme and with the destination; the beach. The wedding ceremony will be held on the beach and the wedding reception will also be held on the beach but in an open tent, so if there is rain it could cover the tables etc. The tent will be decorated with beautiful lighting and lamps.


The wedding attires for bride and groom would be selected in a way that they represent the color theme. The bride would wear white wedding gown and the wedding gown is long, but light due to the fact that it might be warm day. The groom would wear champagne/beige colored wedding attire so it matches with the wedding color theme. The bridal party would be wearing champagne color bridal dresses which would support the color theme of the wedding.


The food for the wedding would be served as a buffet and it would be inspired from seafood and it would also have variety of salads and seasonal fruits. The starters could include tuna salad or/and Greek salad and bread and dressing. The main course could include salmon pasta and vegetable pasta. The dessert buffet would consist of cupcakes, cookies, various seasonal fruits and fruit shakes.

The beverages for the wedding would consist of champagne as well as non-alcoholic for the beginning and then various drinks; which are decorated with the champagne coloring and they consist of fruits.

The wedding cake would be inspired from the colors of white and champagne and the beach. The cake would be white, but it would have decoration (eatable) to support the color theme and the destination such as; sea shelves and sea stars.


The floral décor would consist of white roses and champagne colored roses, the decoration would consist of lots of sea themed decoration as well such as colored corals, sea shelves et cetera.


The music and entertainment for the wedding would consist of live music, and entertainment could consist of speakers, dancing, and fireworks if budget allows.

The people attending the wedding would also be staying nearby in a hotel; therefore, they would be able to transport themselves via hotel transportation e.g. white limousines, cars. There would also be gifts for visitor; sandals with the couples name in the bottom, so everyone could use the sands on the beach as well and then take them home as a memory and also a book where visitors could write greetings for the couple.

Text by: Sade Lehtonen



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