Autumn Wedding

Autumn Wedding

Autumn gives great possibilities when considering the colour scheme and atmosphere of the wedding. We wanted to create a cosy, warm and intimate wedding with beautiful colours.  The wedding will be held in the mid-September when the weather will still be quite warm but the autumn colours will be showing in the trees and nature as well. The colour scheme of the wedding will represent the bright autumn colours such as yellow, orange, red and golden. Both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception will be held in the beautiful location of the Vanajanlinna castle in city of Hämeenlinna, Finland. The venue provides a good foundation for the cosy and warm autumn wedding.


Wedding attire:

The bride will have a simple, traditional white wedding gown. In order to have our theme shown in the gown we would add the autumn colours in bride’s hair with beautiful hair jewellery. The bride’s jewellery would be golden to bring the theme colours together. The groom will have the colour scheme shown in his outfit with some orange colour spots for example the tie and the handkerchief.



We wish to show the autumn theme in the food and beverages served in the wedding. As a welcoming drink we will have champagne to toast with. For appetizers we will serve salmon, mushrooms, salad, cabbage rolls, onion pie and more. The appetizers will be served from a buffet table. Dinner will be reindeer stew with mashed potatoes, which represents the Finnish traditions and the autumn season as well. The cake will be a rich dark-chocolate cake with cloudberry filling inside to combine the theme together. In addition, the cake would be decorated with cloudberries.


Table decor:

In the dining hall we will have round tables with hooded chairs. The chairs will be hooded with orange fabrics and there will be a golden scarf tied around the chair to make the look more festive. The tables will be decorated with orange and yellow flowers, maple leaves and orange candles. All the decorations on the table will be set on top of a piece of mirror. We will use the colour gold in the decoration as well.

Text by: Anni Aro, Liisa Koskinen & Karoliina Pekkala

For more pictures:


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