A Tarzan and Jane -inspired wedding

A Tarzan and Jane -inspired wedding

We were inspired by the movie Tarzan, which is also a love story. It is also quite easy to build a beautiful wedding around this theme. The main elements that help create this theme are exotic plants and flowers, tropical heat and a foreign destination.



     The destination should be in relation with the theme. We thought it had to be something warm and exotic. The destination we chose was  Hawaii. This wedding is an outside wedding. The actual ceremony would ideally be held at the beach and the reception in a tent that is in the proximity of the beach and the jungle.

venue-2floral decor

Wedding Attire            

  The bride is wearing a long, white cotton dress. It still holds the elements of elegancy and the traditional image of the bride but it is still relaxed as is the atmosphere of the wedding. The bride will wear her hair open and curled, with wild flower decorations in her hair. The groom will be wearing a beige linen suit, with a thin white collar shirt. The groom will also wear a corsage made out of the same flowers as the bride’s hair decorations. With these materials, the couple won’t be disturbed by the heat.


Food & Beverages      

The welcome drink will be a Peach Bellini. At the reception, the beverages offered will be jungle themed blended drinks, made out of fresh fruits and rum, for example Pina Colada, Mohito etc. The food will be a buffet styled table, focusing on cold and fresh dishes, such as salads, fruits and smoked fish. There will also be barbeque food, such as chicken and seafood.


Wedding Cake                  

 The cake will be in the shape of a pineapple. Its main ingredients are rum, cream and pineapple. On top of the cake, the traditional wedding couple figure will be replaced with a figure of Tarzan and Jane.exoticfruits


 The bride’s bouquet will be made out of exotic wild flowers, such as orchids and green leaves. At the altar there will be a floral arch with mainly green leaves and some coloured flowers. There will also be a couple lianas hanging from the arch. The guests’  will be seated in white wooden chairs with floral decorations in the last chairs of the rows. These floral decorations will also mainly focus on orchids. The centre pieces at the reception will be see-through bowls with orchid flowers floating on water.bride floralfloral2floral1recp.floral

centerpiece floral

Music & Entertainment     

The music will focus on Hawaiian music, with instruments such as ukulele, djembe drums, maracas etc. There will be a special performance from a Hawaiian tribe. The song for the first dance of the couple will be Phil Collins – You’ll be in my heart.

 The couple will leave the ceremony with an elephant into the sunset.


For more photos, visit: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-tarzan-and-jane-saarasylvia/

Wedding Planning and Management, HAAGA-HELIA, Porvoo, Sylvia Saraste& Saara Peltomäki


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