Fifties Wedding

Fifties Wedding


The reception will take place outside. It could be in Porvoo and the surroundings will look like a car movie scenery on an open field. There will be red, black and white ribbons and different-colored flowers.


Also, the chairs of the dining tables could be bar stools like they had them in the early 50’s.  There will be a tent to protect the guest from the wheather conditions. Old 50s style cars will create a vintage atmosphere for the venue. The decoration could be red, black and white: Vinyls, old cars and dice.

Drive-in theatre setting


The bride will arrive on a Vespa, an old scooter, which was very trendy in the 50s. The couple will leave, after the ceremony with a red chevy chevrolet, a typical 50s car.

Wedding car


The wedding dress will be ivory, classic with lace and a petty coat. The bride will wear matching white shoes, or possibly leather shows to match the style. The hair and make up will be inspired by the 50s-look with big waves and strong red lipstick. The groom will wear a black suit with a white shirt, braces and also a grey gilet underneath.

Dress and red lipstick Wedding dress with petty coat


Lunch could be a picnic buffet. It will contain Hawaii Toasts and decorated finger food, which was typical for that time as a party snack. Guests will be seated on blankets and pillows on the grass the blankets will have an isolation against the cold and wet grass.

Open Air Movie Setting

Throughout the day, extravagantly-designed cupcakes will be available for the wedding guests. The dinner will be a seated dinner with different meal options. There will also be punch and white wine. Retro cocktails will serve as a colorful eyecatcher. Additionally, there will be a three-layered red, black and white wedding cake.

Classy Cocktails & Wedding Cake Fancy Food


The waiters could wear matching attire and roller skates to top off the assesories for the theme. A live-band will play 1950s songs. These will contain artists such as Elvis Presley, Luis Amstrong, Edit Piaf, Eddy Barclay, Chuck Berry.

Text by Deborah Kutsch & Marion Dechavanne


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