Film review: Band Baaja Baaraat – Wedding Planners

Film review: Band Baaja Baaraat – Wedding Planners

The romantic comedy by Maneesh Sharma takes us, as the title already suggests, in the world of (bombastic) organised weddings.

The young Shruti (Anushka Sharma) knows exactly what she wants to do in life. During her studies she worked as
an assistant to a famous wedding planner and she has already developed the concept for her own wedding planning agency called “Shaadi Mubarak”.

Bittoo (newcomer Ranveer Singh) enjoys his student life in Delhi to the fullest, but he does not really know what to do in life. To stop his son fooling around, his father gives him two options: he has to find himself a job; otherwise a life on the sugarcane field of his father is waiting for him.

Bittoo decides to become Shruti’s business-partner and together they found the wedding planning agency “Shaadi Mubarak”. Shruti makes immediately one thing clear: They are just business partners, there will be no love, destroying the business climate.
They are very successful with their business and are soon known to make the most colourful and frisky weddings. Quick Shaadi Mubarak is getting bigger and soon they also serve the wealthier segment of the Delhi population. After their first successful really big budget wedding they celebrate, get drunk, and sleep together. In the morning she realises, that she is in love with him, but he is freaked out by the happenings. They fight, and it escalates until they split, and even break up the company. Shruti continues by herself with “Shaadi Mubarak”, Bittoo founds “Happy Weddings”. But since all their success came from working together, it is not a surprise that their businesses fail; but still both refuse to work together.

A HUGE potential client asks them to organise his daughter’s wedding, but only if they work together. As they are now in debt on their own, they agree for only this one time…

Anushka Sband-baaja-baaraatharma and Ranveer Singh make a great couple; she is very emotional and he is very energetic. And yes, it is already clear from the first few minutes what wedding we really want to see at the end of the film; but that is completely irrelevant, because until then there are plenty of other very colourful and musical weddings, and there are misunderstandings and serious decisions to make. I enjoyed the fun feeling throughout the first hour of the film, the second hour is more dramatic and serious. It is such a typical Bollywood movie: sometimes happy, sometimes sad.
I was a little bit disappointed by the music scenes, I have to say, that for my taste, I have heard better Bollywood songs and have seen better Bollywood dances.
Nevertheless I give FOUR stars to BBB, because it is colourful, fun and entertaining!


Review by Ute Kehrs

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