Film review: Monsoon Wedding

Film review: Monsoon Wedding

The movie “Monsoon Wedding” produced by Mira Nair in 2001 talks about the wedding preparations in an Indian family. This family lives in a comfortable house in New Delhi and they will celebrate soon the wedding of Aditi, the oldest daughter. monsoon wedding

All the family is really implicated in the preparation of this wedding but we can see that Aditi doesn’t feel happy to be married. Indeed, she will be married with a man that she doesn’t know. He is called Hemant and he is a computer programmer in Houston. Moreover, she is still in love of her fancy man who is a famous Indian TV presenter called Vikram. She is thinking of break up with her future fiancé for him. She is waiting Vikram to divorce with her wife to be with him. During the evening engagement she decides to see Vikram but policemen saw them and she was almost arrested. She decided to talk about that to Hemant and they decided to try to build something together and to know each other.

Furthermore, all along the movie we see the parents of Aditi called Pimmi and Lalit who are key players in this movie. Indeed, Lalit is really stressed for this wedding about the weather, about the happiness of his family because he likes to see everybody happy. This wedding cost a lot of money and he is worry to don’t have enough money for the wedding because her wife has luxurious taste.

For this huge wedding, they invite all the family from India but also the family who comes from Australia and America.

In this movie we can see some love story started. For example, Dubey who is in charge of the weeding preparation fall in love of Alice the Verma’s domestic and neglect his work. We can observe that Aditi’s cousin called Ayesha likes Rahul, the visitor from Australia.

There is also a plot between Aditi’s cousin and a family friend. We can see that Aditi’s cousin observes this friend who has a weird and perverted behavior with the younger daughter. We will discover later that this friend family abused of Aditi’s cousin when she was 12 years old.

At the end of the movie, the wedding takes place with the monsoon, it’s raining but everybody is happy and they dance and sing together.

 This movie takes place in the modern upper-middle class of India.  There is a mix of characters in this Bollywood movie. All the members come from India but some of them left few years ago to work in different continents like America and Australia. Some of them have good jobs and the daughters of Lalit and Pimmi are ambitious. For example, one of the daughters wants to become a writer and she would like to go to study in America.

Moreover, the theme of arranged marriage is approached. This kind of marriage is frequent in India like in others poor countries. It’s an ancient tradition but still present with modern young people. That’s why it was interesting to watch a wedding movie different from European or American wedding movie. The wedding preparations are different in this country. There are a lot of customs and traditions. The wedding is really colorful, the women are always singing, dancing, changing their clothes. We also can observe that the members of the family are close.

Then, this movie approaches the subject of incest which is taboo in India. We could notice that the family has difficulties to trust Ria when she said she was sexually abuse when she was a child.

Thanks to this movie we can analyze the way of living of Indian family. There are some taboos in this family because they want to protect each other. The family takes an important place in India. This idea is confirm by the behavior of the father Lalit who is always worry for his daughters and he try to protect them.

Even this movie talks about arranged marriage, there are some moments of real love and truth in this story. Between PK. Duke and Alice we can see they love each other. This love story allows making less alarming the problem of arranged marriage. Indeed, people who love each others can be married.

To conclude, I will say I am not an adept of Bollywood movie, but this one was interesting because I could discover wedding traditions in India and make a comparison with European countries. I could make a link with the course of wedding planning and management because we spoke a lot about customs, traditions and arranged marriages.

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Written by Coralie Maysounabe


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