Film review: My best friend’s wedding

Film review: My best friend’s wedding

My best friend’s wedding (1997) does not follow the same script that the many American romantic movies. Julianne (Julian Roberts) and her best friend and ex-boyfriend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) made the deal when they were in college that if both were single when they turned 28, they get married. Three weeks before the Julianne’s 28th anniversary, she gets the call from Michael. Michael gets married with young and beautiful Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). Julianne’s old feelings arise and she decides to fight for love to avoid means.
Julia Roberts did the create role as a Julianne. She acted well the woman who afraid to remain eternal old maid. Because of the fear Julianne is ready to do almost anything to win Michael’s love back. In my opinion, the best character is Julianne’s hilarious guy friend George Downes (Rupert Everett). I think that George represents all the properties of the good friend. He is always able to listening Julianne’s worries in any situation and flight from New York to Chicago just for supporting Julianne. In additions he gives valuable advices and he steals all funniest jokes in the movie.

My best friend’s wedding soundtrack comprises the cover versions of old and familiar hits. Music fits well for the movie’s nature. There is the great scene where George starts to sing the song “I say a little prayer (for you)” and all others expect Julianne and Michael join the song in the restaurant. This song was covered by Diana King and making it a Billboard top 100 hit. Other lovely song is Julianne and Michael’s song “The way you look tonight” which is covered by Tony Bennett. This song came out in many scenes, which one is lovely dancing scene on the boat.Milieu of the movie is quite insignificant. There are not any spectacular landscapes but it is not to be so remarkable in this kind of movie. Because it is a question of a wedding movie, I have to say something about the venue. Kimmy’s family is quite rich and in the wedding costs it has not been saved. The venue decorates including ice sculpture and many fabulous flower arrangements. I can guess that this wedding is the dream for the person who wants big and impressive wedding.

There was hide many good thoughts about the love on the movie par example that how people realized how much they love someone just after they lose that person. In addition movie shows that sometime you have to be ready to fight for love. All in all, my best friend’s wedding is fresh romantic comedy which was easy to watch and leaves the good feeling. This movie fits perfectly for lazy Sunday  when you do not want that movie confuse you many hours after watching. That is why I give for my best friend’s wedding movie three stars.


Written by Senja Korhonen


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