Film review: Sex and the City

Film review: Sex and the City

In Sex and the City movie (2008) Carrie Bradshaw, a well-known columnist is finally getting married with the love of her life; Mr. Big.  The movie begins where the series ended. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) lives in Brooklyn with Steve and their son, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) in New York with her husband Harry and their adopted baby girl and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) in LA with her model boyfriend Smith. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) are planning their life together in NY and they buy a dream apartment. Soon they decide to get married and from small plans the wedding gets bigger and bigger. Everyone’s life goes thru many changes but regardless these four girlfriends stay together.

Sex and the CitySex and the City movie gives the series fans everything needed; comedy, romance and drama. Carrie and her girlfriends are back in business and there is no doubt about missing laugh, love and friendship. The story itself includes a lot of twists and details which makes it versatile and interesting. At the same time it gives a picture of a real life’s relationships and dream life. As well as the story the main actresses and actors have made a great performance. Bradshaw, Nixon, Davis and Cattrall are a great team and they play well together. The movie did not change the characters of these four women and luckily the four friends were brought together several times, like in the series. In Sex and the City series love and labels were important and so were those in this film, as the soundtrack says.

Fashion is in major role in this movie. Various designer clothes like Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Prada, Dior and Chanel are seen during the film. The biggest wow effect is Carrie’s wedding dress; Vivienne Westwood’s masterpiece. That amazing dress among all other seen in the film has been inspiring many women. Also Carrie’s Vogue wedding dress photo shoot could be on the top of the wish list of many girls. The movie focuses quite a lot on showing beautiful clothes and accessories, especially unique designer ones and vintage. So for series and fashion followers this is an awesome combination of both. Beautiful to watch.

Michael Patrick King has directed the film and it definitely shows the best parts of New York City. It was nice that the settings changed several times from city to beach views and although there were many scenes the transitions had made smoothly. As a follower you just went with the flow from place to another. The film included very beautiful buildings and décor which like the clothes were pure eye candy.  The New York Public Library showed how creative bride or wedding planner can be while choosing a ceremony or reception venue. The scene in the library played the biggest role in the whole movie which at the same time put the happy story upside down.

The Sex and the City film is most importantly entertaining but also touching. It has the same features like in the series and most of all it has the answer for what is going to happen for Carrie and her best friends in future.

 Text by: Johanna Nivakoski


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