Roman Times -inspired Wedding

Roman Times -inspired Wedding

   goblet groom The Roman times were a significant historic time period. This is also a theme that is commonly used for toga parties. Why not use this theme for a wedding?temple

                                  For the venue we chose a roman temple, which were made out of stone. The roman temple alone describes the time period very well. The venue would be decorated with gold objects such as vases and gold platters with fruits.

Wedding Attire :                    The bride would be wearing a white goddess dress and in her hair she would have gold jewellery and she would also have gold bracelets for accessories. The groom would have a toga that would be red either velour or cotton.


Food & Beverages               The romans didn’t have kitchens so it would only be logical to have whole animal rotating over the fire. The romans usually ate grilled meat and meat that was seasoned with lots of herbs. In the Roman times there was no knowledge of dessert so they mainly had fruits. Fruits would be the main dessert. As for beverages there would be wine and beer served as in the Roman times where they went to taverns and pubs to drink beer and wine to celebrate.


Wedding Cake                      If there had to be a cake we would suggest a “cake” that would be fruit piled and shaped in a form of a temple.

Floral Décor                          Floral décor would mainly consist of vines and grapes. Very minimalistic décor.

Music & Entertainment      Entertainment will be a roman inspired band with flutes and other instruments such as wooden instruments.

Transportation                     The romans travelled a lot on horseback so the transportation would be best on horseback.


For more photos, visit:

Wedding Planning and Management, HAAGA-HELIA, Porvoo, Sylvia Saraste & Saara Peltomäki


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