Movie Review: Made of Honor

Movie Review: Made of Honor

 Made of Honor (2008) tells the story of Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) who met each other in college and became best friends instantly.  They are similar in many levels except one: Hannah believes in true love while Tom is a real ladies man. After ten years of friendship with Tom, Hannah finally meets the one, a Scotchman called Colin (Kevin McKidd) and they get engaged. When Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honor Tom realizes that he has feelings for her and agrees to the job with one goal in his mind: to win Hannah back.

Made of Honor is great for both wedding planners and brides to be, since the movie goes through all the steps included in wedding planning: from the proposal to bridal shower to selecting the wedding china and finally to the actual wedding ceremony. As a tip I recommend the brides to watch the film with their fiancées to show them that also men can be involved in the wedding planning process: maybe your fiancé will get as inspired as Tom and you can just sit back and relax while he takes care of the wedding arrangements.

made of honor

All together Made of Honor is quite typical romantic comedy and does not surprise the viewer that much. The plot has been seen before in the wedding movie department and the only new twist is the fact that the man trying to win the love of his life back is the maid of honor. The cast does a decent job but again, none of the actors brings anything new to their usual repertoire of acting roles. For example Patrick Dempsey’s character of Tom resembles a lot of his role of Derek from Grey’s Anatomy the television series.

For others than wedding maniacs, Made of Honor offers the beautiful scenery of Scotland Highlands where Hannah’s and Colin’s wedding is taking place. The venue of lakes and castles is stunning and one might start to plan your next holiday to Scotland while watching the movie. In addition, the Scottish wedding traditions introduced in the movie are a nice touch and might give pointers for those planning a wedding or a hen night.

Still, Made of Honor makes you laugh and for fans of romantic comedies, it is on the have to see -list. For us single girls, the movie gives hope that event the so-called bad boys can fall in love and settle down. Made of Honor is good entertainment for a rainy day with a blanket and bowl of ice cream enjoyed with your best girlfriends. Even for the lifelong skeptics of romantic comedies there is one thing not to be missed: Patrick Dempsey’s perfect hair.


Text by Anni Aro


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