Engagement Proposal concept: Hot-air balloon

Engagement Proposal concept: Hot-air balloon

Different ways to propose that inspired us:

– Spell your proposal on the wall of your bedroom with glow-in-the-dark star stickers. When you are getting to sleep, turn the lights off and wait for her/him to notice the message. (The Knot. Marriage Proposals: 50 Romantic Ways to Propose.)

– Create a full-page ad to a newspaper that you know your girlfriend/boyfriend reads daily and propose. (The Knot. Marriage Proposals: 50 Romantic Ways to Propose.)

– Make a trailer where you tell how you two met and why she or he is so special to you. Then ask that they would show the trailer in cinema when your partner is there about to watch a movie.

– Make a video clip about why you love your partner and ask if they could show it on a big screen on the big building’s wall in some big city i.e. Tokyo. Then go there and ask her or him to marry you!

Our way of an engagement proposal

Markus and Maria are two Finns living in Helsinki.

They have planned a hot-air balloon trip for a while, and now they have finally arranged a day to do that. Markus intends to propose Maria in the air on the 18th July and Maria doesn’t realize that it is exactly the day they met three years ago.

Markus has contacted Aerohot (a company who organizes hot-air balloon trips for example in Helsinki) and booked a balloon trip for two. The duration of the flight is one hour and flying route is above the archipelago of Helsinki.

The couple drives out of town to a hill where the trip begins and get in to the balloon. In the air the driver serves them champagne and strawberries. When they are above the island of Suomenlinna, their closest friends on the island are holding a big white sheet that has been wrote “Will you marry me?” on it. Markus kneels down and proposes to Maria in the balloon. The rest is history.

Text by: Jasmin Riikonen & Heli Salmi

Country Western wedding theme

Country Western wedding theme

The theme of this wedding is western. This theme fits for couples who like western-movie and country milieu. Even though the theme is western it does not mean crazy American style wedding.  The purpose is to mix the wedding theme to Finnish style and milieu. The wedding is arranged on July because at that time the countryside is most beautiful, with flowers and corn fields. The venue is situated on countryside and it will be classy also. The venue options are idyllic and stylish and those will be decorated with flowers, bale of hays and the old utensils of the farm.

Options: Fagernäsin kartano (Kuopio), Karllundin kivinavetta (Toijala) and Kavalton tila (Piikkiö near to Turku)


The colors for the wedding are based on beige, white and a few effect colors on the flowers. The ceremony is held in the church which is near the venue. Depending on the venue the church can be Kuopio cathedral, Tampere cathedral or Turku cathedral. Transportation from the church to the venue is arranged by bus but the wedding couple moves from place to another by western style carriage.

The bride will wear a white A-line lace wedding dress. She will also have green shoes and jewels. In addition her hair is open, curly and decorated with a hair band. There will be a mixed flower bouquet and for bridesmaids same kind of bouquet but smaller. The bridesmaids will wear red dresses and boots. The groom wears white dress shirt, bow tie, beige vest, trousers and boots.


The menu will follow closely to the theme and it includes savory table, main dish and dessert table with wedding cake.  The savory table includes few types of finger food. The main dish is served from buffet and grill. There will be a chef who grills meet (ribs and chicken) and guests can decide which they want. From the buffet guests get various salads, vegetables, two different style potatoes and bread. There are also homemade mini-hamburgers and hotdogs, especially for children. The beverages will be served from a drinks table; beers, white/red wine, ice tea and lemonade. The dessert table consists of brownies, apple pie, homemade ice cream fruits and country western style wedding cake, of course. There will be used raw material from local producers. The band will play during the supper and after that there will be dancing. The wedding program includes the first dance, speeches, the show made by bridesmaids and a few funny games for the couple.


Text by Senja Korhonen and Johanna Nivakoski

Pictures http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-country-western-senja-johanna/

Fall wedding theme

Fall wedding theme

The wedding gets the inspiration from fall. The main colors are brow, gold and deep orange. The venue decoration will be soft, warm and detailed with used materials from nature. In addition the venue will be a little bit rustic, warm and cozy. This wedding fits for the couple who wants warm atmosphere with candles, dark colors and likes fall of course. Both the ceremony and reception is held in the same place.

Options: Vanha Viilatehdas (Vantaa), Agroksenmäen holvikellari and Taulun kartano (Kankainen near to Jyväskylä).


The bride will wear a white A-line dress with sleeves. The outfit includes gold colored heels and a bouquet of mixed fall color flowers. The hair will be in loose bun with a hairpiece and make up quite soft with red lipstick. The bridesmaids wear deep orange dresses and brown colored heels. Their hair is open, curly and they have same kind of bouquets than the bride but only smaller. The groom will wear a brown suit with white dress shirt and orange tie. He has also the orange colored boutonniere.


The food will be as local as possible and also made by season raw materials. A three course supper is served to the tables. The starter is mushroom soup with bread and the main course moose steak with potatoes, season vegetables and red wine sauce. There is also vegetarian choice for the main course. The dessert will be the only one which is not served to tables but there will be a dessert table including wedding cake, pralines, orange and brown macarons.  The beverages are also served to tables; red/white wine, beer and homemade apple juice.


The wedding day includes also some program. There will be a live band playing relaxed music during the supper and later on the evening some dance music. The bridesmaids have planned funny games for the wedding couple plus there will be wedding couple’s first dance, cutting the wedding cake and the high point which is stand-up comedy show. The show will be also surprise for the couple. After the evening the wedding couple leaves to spend their wedding night.

Text by Senja Korhonen and Johanna Nivakoski

Pictures http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-fall-senja-johanna/

Engagement proposal idea: Message in a bottle

Engagement proposal idea: Message in a bottle

Our own idea:


How the special day starts:

The boyfriend leaves home early and has left a letter to kitchen for his girlfriend.  The letter includes directions for the girl like “don’t eat breakfast and get ready in 30 min, comfort clothes.” When the girl wakes up she will notice the letter and get ready. After that her girlfriend picks her up and drives her to the meeting place; Emäsalo seaside. The boyfriend will be there waiting for her.

The boyfriend has arranged, with the help of his friends, a romantic and special picnic/ brunch under beautiful sun shelter on the rocks with a sea view. There will be pillows and blankets, lots of peonies and live quitar music. He has also arranged lots of goodies; macarons, berries, fruits, croissants, salad, muffins, drinks and champagne. The place and decorations would get every girl happy.

After the brunch they will walk on the rocks when the boyfrind says “hey look there is a bottle down there, let’s go and take a look”. The girl picks the bottle and takes the paper out of it. The message will be “will you marry me? ” and the boyfriend gets down on his knee with the ring.


Special elements

  • Message in a bottle
  • Champagne, girl’s favorite goodies
  • Live guitar playing
  • Awning/ sun shelter
  • Pillows, blanket
  • Flowers
  • Sea view

Text By: Johanna Nivakoski & Senja Korhonen

Burgundy Wedding Theme

Burgundy Wedding Theme

Burgundy is a dark red color like red wine. The particular color has been really popular this fall in clothes, accessories and interior so why not combine it also to weddings. The wedding is held in the late summer. The venue would be in a green and rich garden with a lot of space and maybe the most ideal venue for this theme would be a wine yard. However here in Finland we do not have those but for example France and Germany are very good choices. The wedding ceremony is held in the garden as well as the reception. The reception will be held under beautifully decorated tent and in the ceremony the couple is standing under a canopy, in garden.

Options: Svartå Manor, Villa Hvittorp, Olkkalan kartano (Manor), (Mosel River Vineyard Germany)

  • The tent will be decorated with burgundy, silver, gold and dark details.

garden ceremony1 settings

The bride will wear an ivory or cream colored light lace wedding dress. The accessories will be chosen by burgundy color like the bouquet, jewelries and hair accessories. The burgundy color will be combined into makeup also. The bridesmaids will wear wavy and light semi short burgundy dresses. The hair is up with a side bun except the bride who will have hair open with light waves and decorated with flowers. The groom will wear relaxed but elegant clothes. Fitted dress shirt with burgundy bow and suspenders and fitted dark trousers and classy leather shoes. The burgundy bouquets are made from black roses or calla lilies.

weddingdress makeup callas

The food in the wedding will be quite classical. There will be an appetizer table with different fresh, unique cocktail pieces. The main course will be served to tables which is either a steak with red wine sauce, pikeperch or vegetarian risotto. There will be a dessert table with burgundy macarons and big wedding cake with burgundy details. Guests drink either red or white wine with appetizer and main course and can get special beer or cider from the fancy drinks table. In the beginning of reception and with dessert there will be Champaign.

wine food cake

There will be a pianist and singers entertaining the whole evening.  The wedding will be relaxed and warm all in all. In some point talented bartenders will come and make fancy cocktails to the guests. No transportation will be needed because the ceremony and reception are in the same place. To the venue guests arrive themselves.

Text By: Johanna Nivakoski & Senja Korhonen

More pictures: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-burgundy-johanna-senja/

Engagement proposal concept

Engagement proposal concept

I got the idea to this when I was reading a Finnish make-up blog and I came across with a post about engraved lipsticks. Stockmann had had a campaign in the fall that every client who purchases a cosmetic product from Yves Saint Laurent would get a free engraving to their product. The engraving could be the owners name or some phrase for example. When I googled more about the campaign I even found a picture of the lipstick engraved with Will you marry me? I loved the idea and its simplicity. It would be a memorable way to propose to someone without being so expensive.

The couple is Petri and Eerika who are both very down-to-earth persons and they like to keep their life simple without any bigger luxuries. When they go travelling they prefer national destinations and they use public transportation. Even though they are wealthy they don’t have the need to brag with their money. Petri is 28-yearl-old CEO of a construction company and his girlfriend Eerika is 27-year-old real estate agent. They are both very ambitious employees and they spend most of the day at work. Eerika has a great passion for cosmetics and she usually buys new cosmetic products every week.

The couple has been dating for 4 years and they have lived together for the last 3 years. Petri wants to propose to Eerika on her name nay (nimipäivä, I’m not sure how it is translated in English) 18th of May which is Saturday. The couple has decided to have a dinner in a restaurant La Famiglia in the centre of Helsinki.

After the dinner the couple decide to walk to home because it’s a nice spring evening. On their way to home they stop in Filmtown to rent a movie and buy some candies. When they arrive to home they change their clothes and start to watch the movie. After the movie Petri gives a little present to his girlfriend. Eerika is surprised because she thought that the dinner was the only present for her that night.

Eerika finds a lipstick in the package and she gets happy because she loves to wear lipstick every day. After looking a bit more closely to the lipstick she notices that there is an engraving on one side of the lipstick which says: Will you marry me? When she turns to Petri she sees him on one knee holding a ring.

The proposal took place in the couple’s home because Petri knew that Eerika wouldn’t want it to happen in a public place. Petri wanted to propose to Eerika with something that would really mean something to her so when he bought the lipstick at Stockmann he had it engraved with the question. And now Eerika has a long lasting memory of the proposal and she can think of it every time she wears the lipstick.


Text by: Tiia Aho

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic comedy directed by Andy Dennant and released in 2002. The movie tells about a girl called Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) who comes from Alabama. The movie begins as two kids (Melanie and her future husband) are playing on the beach in Alabama and chasing each other. They plan their future together and decide to get married someday. Then the movie moves on to the present. Melanie has moved to New York and has a great career ahead as a fashion designer. She is ashamed of her background and does not want everybody to know that she comes from a poor family. She is going to marry the mayor of New York’s son Andrew (Patrick Dempsey). Andrew’s mother has difficulties to accept that her son is going to marry a poor girl from Alabama but finally accepts it. However, at first Melanie has to divorce from her husband Jake whom she has not seen for seven years. Andrew has no idea that she is still married.


Melanie drives to Alabama to see Jake and get the divorce papers done and tell her parents she is getting married. The divorce process is not as easy as she thought it would be. Melanie follows Jake to a local pub and gets really drunk. She tells everybody that she was pregnant and it was Jake’s baby but it ended in a miscarriage and that one of their friends who was there is gay. Jake gets really mad at her and takes her home. The next morning as Melanie wakes up she sees the divorce papers signed next to her.

In Alabama Melanie realises that she still has some feelings for Jake. They share the same background and Melanie does not have to pretend to be anything she is not. However, Melanie and Andrew continue planning their wedding. He does not care about her background and really wants to marry her. They decide to have a small country wedding in Alabama even tough Andrew’s mother wanted to have a big wedding in New York. However, everything does not go as planned. As Melanie walks to the aisle, the man who helped them to get the divorce appears to the ceremony place yelling. Melanie had forgotten to sign the divorce paper. The man gives Melanie the paper and she stares at it. She thinks about whether to sign it or not. The groom is very nervous. Melanie decides not to sign the paper. The mother of the groom gets mad and starts yelling at her. Melanie realises that she gave her heart away a long time ago to Jake and did not get it back. Melanie and Andrew do not get married and Andrew and his group leave the ceremony.

Melanie goes to look for Jake who is on the beach where they spend a lot of time as kids.  She tells him that she did not sign the divorce paper and they are still married. She is really proud of Jake as he had become a famous glassblower. Melanie realises that he did it all just to get her back. At first Jake does not seem to want to take her back but then he finally does. The couple goes to the party place where the wedding party was supposed to be. All the guests of Melanie are still there and they celebrate their marriage. They dance a wedding dance which is, of course, Sweet home Alabama.

I would give this movie three stars. I think it was fun and entertaining. It is a lot about confrontation between the rich and the poor, let alone city life and country life. In my opinion the actors play their roles well and the scheme goes on smoothly. Anyway at some points the happenings were a bit predictable.