Film review: The Wedding Planner

Film review: The Wedding Planner

Adam Shanksman’s romantic comedy “The Wedding Planner” tells a story about Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez), who is a top wedding planner and a perfectionist. The most important thing in her life is her work but she dreams also for finding the love of her life. Mary’s best friend Penny (who is also her co-worker) sets Mary up with charismatic doctor Steven (Matthew McConaughey). Steven happens unfortunately to be a future husband of Mary’s rich client Fran (Bridgette Wilson). The plot gets even messier when Mary’s childhood friend Massimo (Justin Chambers) expresses his eternal love for Mary. Mary’s ex-husband also appears with his new wife and causes sorrow to Mary.

The story starts quickly by following the life of the main character Mary. The viewer gets right away image of what is her life like. It’s good that the history of characters is revealed in conversations but there are many dialogs between characters that are not very entertaining. The story flows in logical order but it would bring interesting details to the story if there were few flashbacks in the film. There are couple surprising twists in the film but the ending is quite predictable.

There are however many funny moments in the film, like the way Mary and Steven meet when Mary is almost hit by a trash cart because she doesn’t want to lose her shoe. Of course details about weddings and planning them are a big plus for viewers who are interested in wedding planning industry. For example, there are lots of different kinds of weddings presented in the film, like one where broken classes bring luck. The viewer of the film gets to see what kind of job organizing wedding is, naturally without all the hard work and most of the planning.

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey do pretty good job when acting their roles. Their characters are, however, slightly boring and predictable but they have also funny moments. The chemistry of the main characters is believable. Lucy Greer plays the role Penny, Mary’s silly friend and co-worker. She is the heart of this film since she has the funniest role in “The Wedding Planner”. In addition, Justin Chambers succeeds to act his goofy and childlike role as Massimo. He manages also to be convincing in the scene where he proves his love to Mary.

The music in the film is ordinary background music and many love songs since this is a wedding movie. There is also one scene where Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey dance tango and the song which plays is appropriate for that dance. Music in the film is suitable for the atmosphere of the film. It’s usually soft and slow. When someone is in a hurry, it is shown in the music by playing it quicker.

Overall, “The Wedding Planner” is a good romantic comedy and pretty basic wedding movie. There are couple scenes that could have been deleted because they were not so important for the plot and only made the movie longer. “The Wedding Planner” is a cheerful and beautiful film that you can watch many times. It’s a bit too sweet at times but all in all this film was worth watching. Therefore, I give it three stars.

Text by: Heli Salmi


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