Film review: Bridesmaids

Film review: Bridesmaids


If you watch this movie for the first time, you would like to watch it again. You can think that it is a girly movie but it aims to everybody thanks to humour, romance and friendship.

The main actor, Kristen Wiig, is perfect as Annie, a desperate woman who makes series of troubles with a lot of humour. At the beginning it is very easy to see yourself in her; this is why this character is really attaching. Her best friend Lillian is getting married and she choices, naturally, Annie as maid of honour. Then, start a “war” between all the bridesmaids who want to organize the wedding and the bachelorette party. You know that the fight between girls are very funny. All the bridesmaids have their own nature and they play very well their roles. One of my favourite is Megan (Melissa McCarthy), she is very funny during the entire movie and she is also very touching because she shakes up Annie and explains her that she can’t be a looser and she has to beat in the life to get what she wants. Mary Rose Byrne plays, as well, her role very seriously as a rich woman, Helen, who wants to organize the entire wedding for Lillian. Annie and Helen will be conflicting during the entire movie, which promise a lot of jokes and screaming scenes.

There are of course men in the movie but in second roles. Jon Hamm plays the role of a bad guy as Annie’s date.

The structure is interesting and unique because we can’t imagine the end of the story and there are unexpected events all the time. Another interesting fact is that we can follow all the steps of the wedding organisation: engagement party, dresses trying, food testing, bachelorette party and naturally the wedding. What’s more the movie is very touching because it is very close to the reality and the viewers can identify themselves with all the characters.

Concerning the cinematography, the movie is very good. The scenario is original; even if some scenes exaggerate about the desperate Annie’s life. We laugh to the beginning till the end despite the length of the movie (two hours).

About the music I was disappointed because the movie does not have its own music. For some scenes, I think it would be better to have specific music, especially for the funny scenes.

The movie has been a big success in the United States and the studios want to create a second movie… Hope it will be as fun as this one!

Text by Coline Dheyriat


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