Film review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Film review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

My big fat Greek wedding is a movie directed by Joel Zwick. It’s fun, clever and filled with tradition and love. It’s about two totally different families coming together in a form of marriage. The bride is from a big fun-loving Greek family and the groom is from an average American family. It is love at first sight, but when it is time to meet the family, things get complicated.


The Greek Portokalos family is big, loud and very stereotypical Greek family. The groom’s parents are very reserved and conservative. All of these characteristics are exaggerated and way over the top to make the movie fun and interesting.

The woman, Toula (Nia Vardalos), works in a family restaurant and her family is very keen on keeping their Greek heritage. Toula’s dad is trying to find a husband for her daughter and prefers Greek men to keep the traditions alive, other men are called “strangers”. Eventually Toula meets Ivan, a non-Greek man, and one thing leads to another. They fall in love and after all there comes the time when you have to meet the family. Toula is afraid how her family is going to react and Ian is afraid because he is not used to big families with tens of cousins and aunts and uncles. Ian is invited into family get together and is soon to find out what a Greek family is all about.

The actress playing the role of the main character Toula is actually behind the story. She is Greek herself and brings a certain authenticity to the whole plot. The rest of the cast is very carefully selected and the main characters and both families really make the movie interesting and worthwhile. This movie is appealing especially for women but it is also a movie that the whole family can enjoy together. It doesn’t matter if you are Greek or not, there is always something that you can relate to in this movie!


Text by Anna Kuusela


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