Film Review: The Wedding Singer

Film Review: The Wedding Singer

The film industry alone inspires/motivates people to get married. Romantic comedies, chick flicks and even action films with the few minutes of romance raise the image of romance in the woman’s eyes. Women usually get ideas from these films and they immediately start brainstorming about their own wedding. Or then if they have already had their wedding, they usually have a comparative opinion about the wedding on film.

The film The Wedding Singer is one of the first movies I remember watching as a kid. The Wedding Singer falls into the category Romantic Comedy—without a doubt! In this film you can see the conflicts the wedding party doesn’t usually discuss in front of the bride. These discussions are usually the questions: Is she marrying the right guy? Are they happy/in love?

The Wedding Singer stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler as the lead roles. Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) is this wedding singer who is very popular and good at his job. Robbie Hart’s career comes to a stop when his own fiancé leaves him at the altar. The story continues when Robbie Hart has a crush on Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) who is engaged to someone else and so the complicated but entertaining part begins.

If you ask me, the over the top, predictable romantic comedies are the worst. I think it’s more real if there is a meet cute or the main character falls in love with someone totally unexpected and to my knowledge that’s the beauty of these kinds of movies. I guess you could call it the element of surprise.  

The actors are always a key part in these romantic comedies if the actor is funny and knows how to also persuade the viewer into believing that he/she can be romantic as well. Romantic comedies can very often become cheesy when the actors over characterise. Those films don’t usually make it to the theatres and then they are labelled as trashy movies.

The 90’s had a lot of great romantic comedies and comedies as well and often my generation thinks “those were the days when the movies were good”. This may have been also because the technology level wasn’t that high yet. In a way not having high technology made the movie more real, when you could actually see the emotions and really get the meaning of the actor/actress.

If I had to rate the whole movie and my criteria’s were; how well the actors act, the setting, the clothes, the story and the element of surprise. I would give the actors 5 stars. Those two comedians are some of my favourite actors because they have this quirkiness and glee that makes you relate to them and the acting feels more genuine. For the setting and the clothes I would give a 4 because they fit the characters’ personality and the scenery of the movie really well. The Baby blue old fashioned tuxedos and the long dresses bring a sort of fifties feeling to the movie. As for the story and element of surprise, I give the movie 5 stars. The movie is very entertaining and the way to the ending isn’t predictable in the beginning of the movie. The movie is a great one to see with kids, adults or adolescents. I do recommend this to families. The granny rapping at the end will make your jaw drop to the floor!


Film review by: Sylvia Saraste


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