Mamma Mia! movie review

Mamma Mia! movie review

Mamma Mia! (2008) is a movie from Broadway musical with the same name that has been based on the songs of popular pop group ABBA. Meryl Streep plays the role of Donna Sheridan, single mother of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), who is about to get married. Sophie´s dream is to find her real father, so that he would give her away at the wedding. Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgård play the possible fathers. The director of the movie is Phyllida Lloyd.


Sophie sends invitations to the possible fathers and keeps it in secret from her mother. She is surprised when all of them actually arrive. The reunion is a shock for Donna and she tries to send them back from the island, but Sophie manages to make them stay. The bride-to-be is confused and stressed because she still has no idea who her real father is. She does not want to make the same mistakes as her mother and dreams about happy family life.

The action takes place on a Greek island, Kalokairi, where there is social and relax atmosphere. Viewers can enjoy beautiful nature scenes. All the dancing and music make you laugh and smile. Cheesy scenes fulfil the movie with joy and humour. The story goes on despite the uncertainty and hassle and after all, there is a wedding. But who’s wedding?

I enjoyed watching the movie. It is cute, entertaining and has some swing. ABBA´s songs are familiar to everyone and they made the movie, even though the singing could have been better.  Maryl Streep seems to be the only one who was able to add some emotions to the music and looks comfortable when singing. Men cast´s performances are more awkward and disturbing than enjoyable. Even their non-singing moments do not please me when taking into account their acting careers. Overall everyone is having fun and living the time of their life.

Language used in the movie is not suitable for younger audience, as well as the drinking and sexual contest of the movie. Only the lyrics of some of ABBA´s songs are enough to raise the age limit. The fact that the main character does not know who her daughter’s father is, is also giving wrong message to the teenagers. The movie is kind of making fun of relationships and marriage.

Phyllida Lloyd is doing good job in mixing theatre and the movie.  Mamma Mia! is full of funny scenes that include dancing and over-acting. Serious problems are deep feelings are presented by ABBA´s songs and make the movie easy to watch.

I would recommend the movie to all ABBA fans who are seeking for simple Friday evening entertainment!

By Irina Kononenko


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