Vintage wedding inspiration: Minna Hepburn

Vintage wedding inspiration: Minna Hepburn

Minna Hepburn is a Finnish fashion designer, who has been living in United Kingdom for over than ten years now. In King’s College London, Minna studied war sciences, but she decided to turn her passion and dear hobby of fashion into a blooming business:  Hepburn launched her ethical fashion line while living in Dorset, English countryside in 2008. Her beautiful, vintage inspired lace dresses were soon noticed by brides worldwide and the success in the wedding market was turned into Minna bridal collection in 2011.


Beautiful Adele dress

All Minna dresses are made of organic fabrics and the label is referred as Eco Lux: eco-friendly clothing with great quality. The fabrics are locally produced and the left-over textiles are used for the children’s collection, to reduce the amount of waste fabrics into minimum. This passion for creating environmentally friendly fashion was highly noticed in 2011, when Minna won Elle Style Awards –reward in Finland for ethical work for fashion (Eettinen Muotiteko 2011).

Minna Bridal Collection does not only include wedding dresses, but wedding accessories as well: veils, hats & other headpieces, capes, jackets, collars and belts. To make your wedding day unique, Minna offers a possibility to create your own, custom made dress for the occasion. 10 per cent of the clients want to have a custom made dress and for many others, some smaller changes are made for the dresses chosen from the collection. In addition Minna has a beautiful range of bridesmaids’ dresses and from the children’s collection you will find the perfect costume for the little flower girls as well.


Amazing Hattie hair piece


Malika dress worn by Minna’s daughter Kristiina

I had the great privilege to work as an au pair for the Hepburn family during my cap year before university in 2010-2011. During my time in London, I got to see inside the fashion industry and how Minna dresses actually come together. The fabrics are beautiful, high-quality, organic laces and fabrics from local UK producers and they are also dyed with eco-friendly products. The dresses have unique, vintage vibe and it was great to see the developing process up and close. To get inspired, Minna bought and ordered a lot of vintage dresses for herself and from these pieces she got creative ideas to put into her own collections. Hepburn is a hardworking, down to earth business woman, who deserves all the phrases she has received during her career.


Jemma headband & Trisha dress

For me, Minna bridal collection represents something new in the wedding business: even though the dresses are vintage inspired, they differ a lot from the usual fluffy wedding dresses in the market. Minna offers affordable collection for bohemian vintage-lovers around the world. The most blooming market is in Sweden, but you can find beautiful wedding pictures from Minna website’s blog from all around the world, for example Netherlands, Australia and Tanzania.

Text by: Anni Aro

The online boutique is the best to start to explore the world of Minna:

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Pictures from Minna website:


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