Easter Egg Hunt Engagement Proposal

Easter Egg Hunt Engagement Proposal


On the internet there are several wedding proposal ideas and implementation. Most interesting ones can be found from Youtube.  There are several ideas and themes that inspire proposals. From our research we can conclude that almost every time the element of surprise is always included in the proposal.


Some traditional themes, which in our opinion can these days be called cliché-ish, are the involvement of food and drinks. For example the ring is hidden into a desert or a champagne class. Also the words “Will you marry me?” can be written to a cake or a pastry.

More creative ways include videos or music. For example in the following link the man made a movie trailer of the proposal which ended in him proposing to the woman in the movie theatre. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnVAE91E7kM)

In another humoristic proposal, the man starts with a “speech” where he already lets the bride-to-be in on the proposal. Then he fakes a fall from a “balcony” and when the bride looks down to the ground in shock she sees the man laying in mattress with the words “will you marry me” printed around him. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hya9xxn7CA0)

As said, music, videos and dance are creative elements to use in a marriage proposal. The man in the following link combined the elements of music and dance in his proposal. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uCP1bkpe9o)

Our idea                                

Our client, Mike, (the groom-to-be) describes himself and his girlfriend as funny, adventures and spontaneous. He also said that their favourite holiday together is Easter. According to their personality types we have created a fun engagement proposal.

The idea of the engagement is an Easter egg hunt. The idea is to find clues from each checkpoint. The clue always gives a hint where the next checkpoint is.

First checkpoint                  

It’s the day before Easter. Jessica is a secretary at the National Bank. During her normal work day, she receives a task to photocopy a paper. She is also told that she will find a clue during her task, and her boss says that it is very important that she immediately follows all the clues that she finds. She finds the clue inside the copy machine. The clue says: “Somewhere close by you can find an Easter bunny…”

Second checkpoint              

She realizes that the Easter bunny can of course be found from the zoo that is next to her office. She walks to the zoo and asks where the bunny cage is. She walks up to the bunny cage and sees a bunny with a pink collar. The collar has the next clue, which says: “Where can you find the best chocolate in town?” She knows that the clue is referring to her favourite chocolate shop and continues there.


Third checkpoint                 

There she is greeted by her best friend. The best friend, Brook, reads her a poem. The poem goes: “As day turns to night, she is whisked away by the magic so light, something falls behind, what comes to mind?” Jessica realizes that the poem resembles the shoe in the Cinderella story. She thinks of the shoe store where she met her boyfriend, Mike. She heads to the store.chocolate


Fourth checkpoint               

At the store Jessica has a moment of confusion. However after the sales women comments on the song that is playing in the background of the store, Jessica realizes that the song is the song that was playing on her and Mike’s first date. This reminds Jessica of the restaurant they were at during their first date. She heads over there.


Fifth and last checkpoint    

At the restaurant she is greeted by a waiter, who directs her to a table. Mike appears and kneels down and presents her with a chocolate egg. Inside the egg she finds an engagement ring. While she discovers the ring, Mike says the words “Will you marry me?”


Text by Saara Peltomäki & Sylvia Saraste


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