Engagement Proposal at New York Times Square

Engagement Proposal at New York Times Square

Engagement Proposal

This story is about Berry and Michaela. Berry is a business man. He is 28 years old and lives with his girlfriend Michaela, 27 years old, in Manhattan, New York. They have been a couple since eight years and live together since 6 years. A normal Friday morning in May… Michaela wakes up, her boyfriend is already gone, she sees next to their bed a small paper with a message for her. “Have a nice day darling! I´m looking forward to see you tonight at 8pm in our restaurant…” Then she stands up, has breakfast and goes to work.

While she is working her boyfriend stops by and brings her a coffee to go and a cupcake with a little heart to make her happy.


At 3 pm she leaves work and goes home. On her way back home a photographer addresses her. He wants to take pictures of her in different wedding dresses, because she is a beautiful woman and he is looking for a short shooting.


She agrees and they go to a park where the team of the photographer is waiting for her. She gets nice make-up and a stylist does her hair. Then they start the photo shooting. After two hours she leaves and goes home. At home she meets her mother who has bought a new black dress for her. She likes the dress and decides to wear the new dress tonight in the restaurant where she will meet her boyfriend. Afterwards, she goes to the restaurant near the Times Square.Times Square

Berry and Michaela have a normal evening, because they always go out on Friday evenings. Michaela tells him about the strange happening on the day and thinks that her boyfriend might has a surprise for her. However, during the dinner nothing special happens so they go back home crossing the Times Square.

Suddenly, pictures of different couples appear on the billboards of the Times Square then, appears a picture of Michaela and Berry on every billboard. The pictures on the billboards change and now they can see the photo of Michaela in a wedding dress from the photo shooting in the afternoon on the left billboard and one photo of Berry in a suit on the right billboard. On the central billboard is the sentence “Will you marry me?”. Will you marry me.png

Berry kneels down and shows her the ring and asks her “will you marry me?”. She says “yes” and in this moment the billboard changes again and they can see a picture of them and the slogan is “She said yes”. Some people saw this proposal and cheer.NYC Taxi



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